Are social media management services beneficial to my company?

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, social media marketing and advertising can help you reach your objectives, from raising brand awareness to increasing seasonal sales. The question is whether you should hire someone to maintain your social media accounts.

Fun media’s social media services can assist you in the following ways:

  • Create (and put into action) a social media marketing strategy.
  • Get opinions and suggestions from seasoned social media marketers.
  • Concentrate on your company’s most important metrics, such as capturing more LinkedIn leads.
  • Create, compose, and arrange a social media calendar.
  • Respond to social media comments, messages, and other communications.
  • From marketing initiatives to ad campaigns, track social media performance.
  • Increase your time available for internal projects, tasks, or priorities.

So, if you’re considering investing in social media management services, consider the following advantages:

  • Your approach will be managed, implemented, and measured by a social media professional.
  • You’ll receive regular, easy-to-understand reports that make it simple to demonstrate your influence.
  • You’ll have more time to focus on other important activities and duties.
  • You’ll get a strategy that focuses on your individual objectives rather than the standard social media objectives

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media services, keep reading. You may also check out our consult us for queries concerning social media management by businesses.

What are the features of Fun Media’s social media services?

Our social media services, as a full-service digital marketing agency, provide everything your company needs to flourish on social media. Among the social media management services, we provide are:

  • Original posts on social media
  • Personalized images
  • Design of the cover and profile photos
  • Setup and improvement of social media networks
  • Account audit on social media Brand reputation analysis
  • Post-ad handling has been improved.
  • Detailed competitor research
  • Social media strategy based on data
  • Account manager for social media accounts
  • Daily monitoring of social media
  • Consultations per month
  • Monthly transparent reports
  • Technology for advanced marketing
  • Social media services are optional.

Your business will benefit from a comprehensive (and competitive) social media marketing strategy, which includes everything from original posts to bespoke visuals to ad campaigns. Are you interested in learning more about what our social media management services can achieve for your company? For emergency assistance, please contact us online.

Where can I use social media to promote my company?

Your company can use our social media services to run a campaign on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Because of their current popularity among customers, we concentrate in these five platforms. While other social media networks, such as Snapchat, are available, we find that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn provide the most value to our clients.

However, to select the ideal platforms for your approach, our experienced social media specialists investigate your sector, audience, and goals.

A dentist’s social media strategy, for example, might focus on Facebook and Instagram, whereas a hiring firm’s plan might focus on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We personalize our ideas to your specific business and market.

Our method: How do the social media management services provided by Fun Media work?

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with an award-winning social media management agency like Fun Media, this section will give you a taste of what it’s like. You can trust Fun Media to provide exceptional service with a client retention rate of 91%.

There are four steps to our social media management process:

  • Meet your account manager for social media.
  • Get a comprehensive study of your social media presence.
  • Get a data-driven, personalized strategy.
  • Real, observable outcomes

This is what to expect at each stage of the social media management process.

When you use Fun Media for social media services, you get a personal social media account manager. From the content of your posts to the style of your photographs, this social media expert oversees and maintains every part of your social media strategy.

They’ll also oversee your social media strategy, conducting research on your company’s internet reputation, competitors, and previous social media performance. Our tailored initiatives have earned more than $3 billion in revenue for clients in the last five years thanks to their hands-on approach.

However, our professional account managers go beyond knowing about your company and rivals. They are also concerned about you and your team. They know your identity, communication preferences, and more, unlike account managers at other agencies.

This technique has a significant impact on your client experience. You have the impression that you can contact your social media expert with any questions. You’re also at ease asking questions about your strategy, no matter how complex or fundamental they may appear.

Get a comprehensive study of your social media presence.

After meeting with your team in person or over the phone, your dedicated social media account manager moves on to the next phase in launching your social media campaign. During this stage, they undertake extensive research on your rivals, history, and other factors.

Your social media specialist can use this research as a reference. It gives them significant insight into what your company’s strategy must accomplish in order to succeed. It also identifies any unusual challenges or opportunities.

Your professional social media account manager informs your entire staff of their discoveries. They may, for example, highlight the success of a competitor’s social media approach. They could also highlight your brand’s overwhelmingly excellent web reputation.

All of this information serves as a foundation for your account manager and business’s social media plan services.

Get a data-driven, personalized strategy.

Your professional social media account manager will then start working on your personalized social media marketing strategy. They design a short- and long-term strategy that corresponds with your goals based on their research and feedback from your staff.

Additionally, your specialized social media consultant consults industry-specific data from previous social media efforts. This data, which is only available through Fun Media, has billions of data points. It also gives your company an unrivaled advantage when it comes to social media marketing.

Because many other social media management companies lack a marketing platform like Digital Marketing Kenya, this is the case. They also lack the years of data that Fun Media possesses, as our history spans over 25 years.

This fact makes our social media services second to none in terms of results for many firms.

Your social media professional will present your approach to your team once it has been developed. You are encouraged to offer suggestions and ask questions. We want to make sure that everyone knows your campaign and the decisions that went into it as an extension of your marketing team.

Real, observable outcomes

Your personal social media specialist can begin generating your monthly deliverables, such as bespoke posts, photos, and advertising, once your team accepts your strategy. Your team will need to evaluate and approve these deliverables every month, which is straightforward and quick with our toolkit.

Your social media account manager can track the performance of your posts, advertising, and more when your strategy goes live. If you have any questions, you may expect a response from your account manager within 48 hours.

Your firm should see substantial changes in your day-to-day operations during the first and subsequent months of your social media strategy. You can see more orders as a result of social media, or more comments or queries about your firm, products, or events on your social media accounts.

This is the purpose of Fun Media’s social media optimization services.

We wish to make a meaningful difference in your company. This type of transformation can aid your organization in achieving difficult, long-term objectives such as expanding into new markets, recruiting more employees, or launching new goods or services.

While this type of change may appear unattainable, it is possible with our social media marketing services. We’ve helped our clients generate billions of dollars in revenue, millions of leads, and more with our digital marketing services.

Fun Media can help your firm achieve actual success as well.

You may develop and sustain a campaign that meets your marketing objectives with a tailored, data-driven approach and an experienced social media specialist. Plus, to ensure your success, your dedicated professional will continue to optimize and improve your plan.

Contact us today to see why businesses prefer our social media marketing services.

In-depth: Features of social media services

Learn more about our social media service deliverables and how they can help you increase brand visibility, online followers, and sales.

Original posts on social media

With distinctive and on-brand content developed for your business, you may gain new followers or engage current ones. Every month, your personal social media specialist publishes 15 to 75 posts for your social media accounts (depending on your subscription). Your team must approve all posts before they go live.

Personalized images

With personalized photos for your social media postings, you can capture the attention of visitors on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Your personal social media professional creates six to fourteen photos in collaboration with our award-winning design team to optimize the effect of your social media posts.

Design of the cover and profile photos

With a personalized cover photo and profile photo design, you may increase brand exposure and generate favorable trust signals. If you already have a professional, on-brand cover and profile photo for your social media accounts, your dedicated social media specialist will optimize these photographs for social media.

Setup and improvement of social media networks

With customized social media accounts, you can start your social media marketing campaign. Your specialized social media specialist will design and set up a social media account for your company if it is new to social media. This account will be completely owned by your firm.

Auditing your social media accounts

With a full social media account audit from your professional social media account manager, you can create an innovative social media strategy for your company. They’ll look into your previous posts, comments, user engagement, and more to come up with a unique and competitive approach for your company.

Brand reputation research

Brand reputation research by your personal social media specialist will reveal the value and repute of your brand online. They’ll look for bad comments or postings about your firm on social media and make ideas on how to build a trustworthy reputation.

Ad management for boosted posts

With up to six promoted posts, you can do more with social media. Following audience research and discussions with your team about your company’s goals, your social media professional creates your personalized ad campaign. Try our social media advertising services for a more aggressive ad campaign.

Detailed competitor research

With a complete competition study conducted by your personal social media professional, you’ll gain unparalleled insight into your competitors’ online performance. We can discover competition flaws and possibilities for your business using our research, allowing you to create the most effective campaign imaginable.

Social media strategy based on data

For your social media marketing campaign, you’ll get a personalized, data-driven approach. Your dedicated social media specialist can develop a strategy that meets your objectives using advanced marketing technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

Account manager for social media accounts

When you work with Fun Media on your social media strategy, you’ll have access to a dedicated social media account manager. They can assist your company make the most of its marketing and advertising plan on numerous social media networks thanks to their skills and specializations.

Daily monitoring of social media

With daily monitoring by your dedicated social media specialist, you can trust your social media strategy to perform. Your social media expert will check in on your accounts on a daily basis, evaluating the performance and interactions on the content they created for your company.

Consultations per month

Every month, meet with your personal social media consultant to discuss the results of your campaign. During your meeting, your social media account manager will discuss possible campaign tweaks or upgrades to help you get the most out of your approach.

Monthly transparent reports

Fun Media also provides a monthly report on the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Your personal social media professional will analyze this report with you during your monthly consultation and make it available for your team to access afterward. Our reports are all completely transparent.

Technology for advanced marketing

Digital Marketing Kenya gives you access to some of the most modern marketing software in the industry. Your social media specialist may create a data-driven campaign based on industry-specific data using Digital Marketing Kenya, which includes machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Social media services are optional.

With an active social media strategy, you might gain access to extra social media services such as contests. Enterprises that target up to two social media platforms, such as businesses active on five social media networks, can hold one contest every year.

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