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Instagram marketing tips in Kenya

There are millions of advertisers using Instagram every day to engage their consumers, sell their products, popularize their brands, and advertise vacancies, among many more aspects of marketing. Businesses are increasingly looking to boost their businesses and brand images by making the best of Instagram. In this article, we look at the various Instagram marketing tips that Kenyan firms can consider to catapult them in the increasingly digitized Kenyan market.

Instagram advertisements

First, it is prudent to know the various ads that are available on Instagram. There are five formats of ads on Instagram. They include photos, videos, story ads, carousels, and canvas story ads.

Apart from the five main formats, Instagram is also integrated with Facebook, and with this, one can readily tap into the massive consumer base on Facebook. This integration can also assist marketers in making targeted advertisements to their audiences in both or either platforms.

Tips for Kenyan businesses

Instagram Bio as an ad space

Instagram allows you, as a marketer or otherwise Instagram user, to use up to 150 characters to express yourself in the bio section of your Instagram handle. It also allows you to add a link on your profile- with this; you can insert a web link to your website or even an e-commerce store.

Just like in every online marketing, the first 10 seconds somebody spends on your Instagram profile determines whether they keep looking at your posts or move on. As thus, you must make the best of your profile and have it as exciting, captivating, and engaging as possible.

Track your profile traffic

As you gain traffic to your profile, you need to track the click metrics for your marketing campaigns. As a marketer, you need to understand your social media insights as these will help you ascertain the effectiveness of your profile.

There are another of free link shorteners online, all you need is to pick the one that is easiest to use for you.

Instagram hashtags and trends

To gain free traffic for your brand and increase the reach of your ads, you need to take advantage of the thousands using varied hashtags on Instagram.

To find out what is trending in the online community, you can use Instagram explorer.

Apart from the hashtags, you can also tap into the exciting trend on Ins6agram of using search emojis. You can pick emojis on Instagram and use them to not only make your posts attractive and appealing to the users but also to boost your reach as well.

Mixing videos and photos

Instagram is a perfect place to share images and videos, mainly because it was designed for visual storytelling. When you mix your photos with videos, you improve your online engagement rates and even your online reputation.

While at it, remember that brand authenticity is vital, and to maintain it, you need to have a unique balance between your images and videos.

Share-worthy posts

In social media, virality is an important aspect, particularly for marketers. You need to have posts that are captivating and can increase engagement with your audience while at the same time maintaining your brand ideology.

The posts should be share-worthy, and a good hint would be to insert relevant hashtags and trending comments to get maximum visibility and engagement.

Sponsored ads

Instagram allows marketers to sponsor their ads. In some way, this adds a new dimension for marketing businesses and enhances reach for posts and contents. When you sponsor a post, it is made visible to a wide range of users. Additionally, Instagram allows you to set specific geographic locations where you want your ad to be more visible.

The Instagram marketing tips shared herein are only partly discussed. You can get even grow your brand and gain more insights into social media marketing by seeking consultancy services at Fun Media.





Website designers in Nairobi

Being a good website designer implies that you have to know the nooks and the hooks of designing a website. Fun Media website design team understand all that is required of them to make responsive websites. The following are some of the factors we put into consideration during our designs to ensure that we are the best website designers in Nairobi.

Clean Designs

Fun Media designers make web pages that are clean, crisp, and professionally looking. Moreover, we always ensure that the layout as well as the navigation is very simple while at the same time very effective. By clean, we also mean that we are very thorough in whatever activity that we engage ourselves in. We ensure that the images we use are of the right pixel.

Easy to Update Website

Our websites can easily be updated even by the people
who are not tech savvy.  

Fun Media designers know Modern Technology

Every day, new technologies emerge. It is therefore important that the web designers learn to acquaint themselves with the new and latest technology. Fun Media will make sleek looking websites that follow the w3 Consortium guidelines. We also use HTML and CSS that are compatible with a majority of the browsers.


Our web designers are very creative. We always learn. Without creativity, there is nothing that one can develop. Creativity is a major factor that Fun Media web designers beats all their competitors.


Our web pages that we make are coded for the Search Engine Optimization it maximize the website search engine indexing statistics.

What are the features of a good website?

Search Engine Optimized
Easy to update
Clean design
Modern Technology

What factors do you consider when designing a website?

The major factor to consider when designing a website are the users of the website.