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15 Reasons Why SEO Is Essential for Your Business

SEO is a must for brands since it is the most practical and economical way to understand and connect with consumers at crucial times.

The demand for SEO reached an all-time high this year. Even the most traditional businesses knew they needed to speed up the transition to digital as consumers began to migrate in droves to online shopping.

The most practical and economical technique to comprehend and connect with customers at crucial times is through SEO.

Many companies and brands are aware of the importance of SEO for their online presence and the advantages that come with having SEO work done for them.

There is no doubt that SEO will increase a website’s general searchability and visibility, but what additional real benefits does it provide?


Why is SEO becoming more and more significant?

These 15 arguments ought to make it clear why businesses need SEO to advance their brands, regardless of the sector or size of the company.

1. The main source of website traffic is typically organic search

The success of most organizations’ websites is greatly influenced by organic search, which is also essential to the user conversion or engagement process and to the buyer funnel.

Marketers are aware that Google controls a much higher share of the search industry than rivals Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and a plethora of other companies.

That’s not to suggest that some search engines don’t help a brand become more visible; they do. Simply said, Google controls a sizable chunk of the global search industry.

Nevertheless, it is a definite leader, and as such, its rules must be adhered to.

However, marketers also value the market share that is still held by other engines. This is particularly true for brands in specialized industries, where voice, visual, and vertical search engines are crucial.

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Google, the most popular website in the world (and notably in the United States), also happens to be the most widely used email provider.

Over 2 billion people access YouTube monthly, making it the second-largest search engine.

We are aware that the vast majority of people who have access to the internet often search for information on Google.

A brand will always benefit from being widely visible as a reliable resource by Google and other search engines. Brands get there through high-quality SEO and a top-notch website.

2. SEO Increases Credibility and Trust

Any skilled SEO wants to lay a solid basis for a stunning website with a simple, effective user experience that can be readily found in search thanks to the credibility and trust of the business and its online properties.

Establishing authority with reference to search engines like Google involves many factors.

In addition to the aforementioned elements, authority develops gradually as a result of things like:

  • Natural connections.
  • Positive user conduct
  • Signals for machine learning.
  • Enhanced on-page components and content

The majority, if not all, other digital optimizations will not help a brand as much as building that authority will.

The issue is that, just like in real life, it takes time to establish reputation and confidence. Over time, authority is acquired and developed.

To get successful results, it’s imperative to adhere to Google’s E-A-T standards.

Offering a worthwhile, high-quality product or service that encourages customers to trust a brand is essential to building a company’s reputation as an authority. This process requires time, patience, and dedication.

3. SEO is the Best Method for Understanding Consumer Voice

SEO reveals what consumers want and need, from identifying macro market movements to pinpointing consumer intent.

Speaking or writing, SEO data and formats provide us with crystal-clear signals of user intent and behavior.

It does it in a variety of ways:

data from a search.

SERP evaluation.

Data from analytics and AI insights.

4. Improved User Experience Is Associated with Good SEO

Every marketer now places the user experience first in their priorities. Everyone aspires to have the highest visibility and better organic rankings. Few understand, though, that achieving the best user experience is essential to getting there.

A good user experience has evolved into a crucial component of a website’s success since Google has learned how to interpret it.

Marketers across all sectors will need to abide by Google’s Page Experience Update as part of their ongoing commitment to the consumer experience.

Customers are aware of what they desire. Problem will arise if they are unable to locate it. Performance will also decline.

How Google has evolved into a more comprehensive search engine that provides the sought-after information immediately on the SERPs is a prime illustration of how to create a positive user experience (search engine results pages).

The goal is to provide users with the information they need with the fewest number of clicks, promptly, and simply.

A good user experience is incorporated into quality SEO, which uses it to a brand’s advantage.

5. Increased Engagement, Traffic, and Conversions Due to Local SEO

Local search is now crucial to the success of small and medium-sized enterprises due to the development and dominance of mobile traffic.

Local SEO strives to optimize your online presence for a particular area, making it easier for consumers to locate you and move closer to a transaction.

In order to provide a workable platform for a brand’s messaging on a local level, local optimizations concentrate on certain neighborhoods, towns, cities, regions, and even states.

SEO experts accomplish this through optimizing the brand’s website, its content, local citations and backlinks, and local listings pertinent to the area and industry a brand operates in.

Local SEO experts should start by optimizing a brand’s social network accounts, Knowledge Graph panel, and Google My Business listing.

Depending on the sector, there should also be a focus on user evaluations on Google as well as other review sites like Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List (among others).

6. The Buying Cycle is Affected by SEO

Real-time research is becoming increasingly important and is becoming a crucial component of SEO.

It will be a game-changer to use SEO strategies to spread the word about your promotions, innovative goods and services, and the value and dependability of what you have to offer clients.

When done properly, it will surely have a favorable effect on the buying cycle as well.

For a meaningful connection to be created, brands need to be present where people are looking for them. Local SEO increases that visibility and makes it easier for potential customers to find the solutions and the companies that are offering those solutions.

7. SEO is Always Getting Better and Best Practices Are Updated

It’s wonderful to use SEO strategies throughout all of a brand’s digital properties, including its website. However, if the project is short-lived (due to budgetary limitations, etc.) and the site isn’t regularly reviewed over time, it will eventually reach a point where additional obstacles will prevent further advancement.

To stay ahead of the competition and, ideally, on Page 1, it is necessary to constantly watch for changes given the way the search landscape evolves (essentially at Google’s discretion).

Being proactive and keeping an eye out for important algorithm updates will always be advantageous for brands.

We are aware that Google updates its algorithm by thousands every year. It may be challenging to catch up if you fall too far behind.

8. Understanding SEO Aids in Web Environment Understanding

It can be difficult to keep up with changes as they happen in the constantly evolving environment of the World Wide Web.

But keeping up with SEO requires being aware of the significant changes that are occurring in search.

For those brands, it is always advantageous to be aware of the online environment, particularly the strategies employed by local competitors and businesses with similar products or services.

9. SEO is Relatively Inexpensive and Highly Profitable

Yes, it is expensive. The best things, however, always do, right?

In the big scheme of things, SEO is relatively affordable, and the benefits to a brand’s bottom line are likely to be significant.

This is a genuine business investment; it is not a marketing expense.

Excellent SEO execution will continue to be effective for years to come. And like most things in life, the more focus (and investment) it receives, the better it will be.

10. PR and SEO

Your brand’s long-term equity can be increased via SEO. An improved placement and ranking raise the profile of your brand.

With a strong SEO and PR strategy, your brand will be visible when people search for news and related topics.

A positive user experience on your website increases the likelihood that people will hear your messages and buy your goods or services.

Integrating SEO with content and PR helps with brand reach and awareness in addition to other outcomes because SEO is no longer a segregated channel.

11. Long-term planning is included.

Within the first year of taking action, SEO may (and should) make a significant difference, and many of those activities will have an influence that lasts for longer than a year.

Yes, it’s best to closely monitor trends and changes as the market develops.

However, even a site that hasn’t implemented a ton of intensive SEO advice would benefit from using fundamental SEO best practices on an honest website with a respectable user experience.

And the longer and better a website can compete in its market, the more time, money, and effort should be put into SEO.

12. It Can Be Measured

SEO may be quantified.

Even if SEO doesn’t provide an easy-to-calculate return on investment as paid search does, with the right tracking and analytics, you can measure practically anything.

Since there is no concrete method to understand the correlation between these actions, trying to connect the dots on the back end is a major challenge.

Nevertheless, it is important to comprehend how certain behaviors are intended to impact performance and development—and hopefully they do.

Connecting the dots shouldn’t be a problem because any effective SEO will focus on those improvements.

In terms of digital performance, brands also want to understand where they have been, where they are now, and where they are headed, particularly for SEO when they have someone or something being paid to work on their behalf.

There is also no better approach to demonstrate the effectiveness of SEO. However, we all understand that data is always accurate.

13. SEO Uncovers New Opportunities

A high-quality SEO campaign will always find a way to unearth and take advantage of fresh chances for companies to not just be seen but also shine.

A SEO staff must become completely immersed in the brand in order to provide great SEO to clients. Being a stakeholder is the only way to genuinely sell a brand with the love and understanding that its stakeholders have for it.

A brand will have more opportunity to succeed the more well-known it is. The same is true for SEO.

Today, there are many different ways that SEO may provide new opportunities, from providing content, digital, and social opportunities to assisting with sales, product, and customer service initiatives.

14. With zero-click results, if you’re not on page one, you’re not winning the click.

As Google’s zero-click SERP places the solution right at the top of search results, SEO is evolving into a zero-sum battle.

The user’s search criteria are met without requiring them to click on any actual search result links.

It’s common knowledge in the SEO industry that if your website isn’t on Page 1, you’re probably not dominating organic search.

According to a recent study, the top three organic search result positions receive more than 50% of all click-throughs, compared to up to 30% of results on Pages 1 and 2.

What does this imply?

Three items:

  • Zero-click outcomes triumph.
  • You should be on Page 1 if you aren’t already.
  • The number of times that a user writes a search query and is unable to find the exact results is still too high.

15. SEO Will Always Be Around

Brands will constantly search for the most economical way to deliver goods and services to customers who desire them online.

While SEO tactics and roles may vary, new opportunities are continuously emerging through various entry points, like voice, applications, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The market value of next-generation search engines driven by deep neural networks and machine learning is expected to skyrocket, rising from $14.9 billion in 2019 to $55.7 billion in 2025, according to Comserve.Inc.

There will always be new organic search chances.


Over the past few years, SEO’s function has considerably increased.

When consumers are in need, SEO is very helpful, and brands and their marketing efforts will profit from establishing strong, high-quality SEO on their websites and other digital domains.

While SEO has its hurdles, the opportunities it creates are crucial to a brand’s present and future web presence and help future-proof success for any type of business.

Are social media management services beneficial to my company?

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, social media marketing and advertising can help you reach your objectives, from raising brand awareness to increasing seasonal sales. The question is whether you should hire someone to maintain your social media accounts.

Fun media’s social media services can assist you in the following ways:

  • Create (and put into action) a social media marketing strategy.
  • Get opinions and suggestions from seasoned social media marketers.
  • Concentrate on your company’s most important metrics, such as capturing more LinkedIn leads.
  • Create, compose, and arrange a social media calendar.
  • Respond to social media comments, messages, and other communications.
  • From marketing initiatives to ad campaigns, track social media performance.
  • Increase your time available for internal projects, tasks, or priorities.

So, if you’re considering investing in social media management services, consider the following advantages:

  • Your approach will be managed, implemented, and measured by a social media professional.
  • You’ll receive regular, easy-to-understand reports that make it simple to demonstrate your influence.
  • You’ll have more time to focus on other important activities and duties.
  • You’ll get a strategy that focuses on your individual objectives rather than the standard social media objectives

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media services, keep reading. You may also check out our consult us for queries concerning social media management by businesses.

What are the features of Fun Media’s social media services?

Our social media services, as a full-service digital marketing agency, provide everything your company needs to flourish on social media. Among the social media management services, we provide are:

  • Original posts on social media
  • Personalized images
  • Design of the cover and profile photos
  • Setup and improvement of social media networks
  • Account audit on social media Brand reputation analysis
  • Post-ad handling has been improved.
  • Detailed competitor research
  • Social media strategy based on data
  • Account manager for social media accounts
  • Daily monitoring of social media
  • Consultations per month
  • Monthly transparent reports
  • Technology for advanced marketing
  • Social media services are optional.

Your business will benefit from a comprehensive (and competitive) social media marketing strategy, which includes everything from original posts to bespoke visuals to ad campaigns. Are you interested in learning more about what our social media management services can achieve for your company? For emergency assistance, please contact us online.

Where can I use social media to promote my company?

Your company can use our social media services to run a campaign on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Because of their current popularity among customers, we concentrate in these five platforms. While other social media networks, such as Snapchat, are available, we find that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn provide the most value to our clients.

However, to select the ideal platforms for your approach, our experienced social media specialists investigate your sector, audience, and goals.

A dentist’s social media strategy, for example, might focus on Facebook and Instagram, whereas a hiring firm’s plan might focus on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We personalize our ideas to your specific business and market.

Our method: How do the social media management services provided by Fun Media work?

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with an award-winning social media management agency like Fun Media, this section will give you a taste of what it’s like. You can trust Fun Media to provide exceptional service with a client retention rate of 91%.

There are four steps to our social media management process:

  • Meet your account manager for social media.
  • Get a comprehensive study of your social media presence.
  • Get a data-driven, personalized strategy.
  • Real, observable outcomes

This is what to expect at each stage of the social media management process.

When you use Fun Media for social media services, you get a personal social media account manager. From the content of your posts to the style of your photographs, this social media expert oversees and maintains every part of your social media strategy.

They’ll also oversee your social media strategy, conducting research on your company’s internet reputation, competitors, and previous social media performance. Our tailored initiatives have earned more than $3 billion in revenue for clients in the last five years thanks to their hands-on approach.

However, our professional account managers go beyond knowing about your company and rivals. They are also concerned about you and your team. They know your identity, communication preferences, and more, unlike account managers at other agencies.

This technique has a significant impact on your client experience. You have the impression that you can contact your social media expert with any questions. You’re also at ease asking questions about your strategy, no matter how complex or fundamental they may appear.

Get a comprehensive study of your social media presence.

After meeting with your team in person or over the phone, your dedicated social media account manager moves on to the next phase in launching your social media campaign. During this stage, they undertake extensive research on your rivals, history, and other factors.

Your social media specialist can use this research as a reference. It gives them significant insight into what your company’s strategy must accomplish in order to succeed. It also identifies any unusual challenges or opportunities.

Your professional social media account manager informs your entire staff of their discoveries. They may, for example, highlight the success of a competitor’s social media approach. They could also highlight your brand’s overwhelmingly excellent web reputation.

All of this information serves as a foundation for your account manager and business’s social media plan services.

Get a data-driven, personalized strategy.

Your professional social media account manager will then start working on your personalized social media marketing strategy. They design a short- and long-term strategy that corresponds with your goals based on their research and feedback from your staff.

Additionally, your specialized social media consultant consults industry-specific data from previous social media efforts. This data, which is only available through Fun Media, has billions of data points. It also gives your company an unrivaled advantage when it comes to social media marketing.

Because many other social media management companies lack a marketing platform like Digital Marketing Kenya, this is the case. They also lack the years of data that Fun Media possesses, as our history spans over 25 years.

This fact makes our social media services second to none in terms of results for many firms.

Your social media professional will present your approach to your team once it has been developed. You are encouraged to offer suggestions and ask questions. We want to make sure that everyone knows your campaign and the decisions that went into it as an extension of your marketing team.

Real, observable outcomes

Your personal social media specialist can begin generating your monthly deliverables, such as bespoke posts, photos, and advertising, once your team accepts your strategy. Your team will need to evaluate and approve these deliverables every month, which is straightforward and quick with our toolkit.

Your social media account manager can track the performance of your posts, advertising, and more when your strategy goes live. If you have any questions, you may expect a response from your account manager within 48 hours.

Your firm should see substantial changes in your day-to-day operations during the first and subsequent months of your social media strategy. You can see more orders as a result of social media, or more comments or queries about your firm, products, or events on your social media accounts.

This is the purpose of Fun Media’s social media optimization services.

We wish to make a meaningful difference in your company. This type of transformation can aid your organization in achieving difficult, long-term objectives such as expanding into new markets, recruiting more employees, or launching new goods or services.

While this type of change may appear unattainable, it is possible with our social media marketing services. We’ve helped our clients generate billions of dollars in revenue, millions of leads, and more with our digital marketing services.

Fun Media can help your firm achieve actual success as well.

You may develop and sustain a campaign that meets your marketing objectives with a tailored, data-driven approach and an experienced social media specialist. Plus, to ensure your success, your dedicated professional will continue to optimize and improve your plan.

Contact us today to see why businesses prefer our social media marketing services.

In-depth: Features of social media services

Learn more about our social media service deliverables and how they can help you increase brand visibility, online followers, and sales.

Original posts on social media

With distinctive and on-brand content developed for your business, you may gain new followers or engage current ones. Every month, your personal social media specialist publishes 15 to 75 posts for your social media accounts (depending on your subscription). Your team must approve all posts before they go live.

Personalized images

With personalized photos for your social media postings, you can capture the attention of visitors on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Your personal social media professional creates six to fourteen photos in collaboration with our award-winning design team to optimize the effect of your social media posts.

Design of the cover and profile photos

With a personalized cover photo and profile photo design, you may increase brand exposure and generate favorable trust signals. If you already have a professional, on-brand cover and profile photo for your social media accounts, your dedicated social media specialist will optimize these photographs for social media.

Setup and improvement of social media networks

With customized social media accounts, you can start your social media marketing campaign. Your specialized social media specialist will design and set up a social media account for your company if it is new to social media. This account will be completely owned by your firm.

Auditing your social media accounts

With a full social media account audit from your professional social media account manager, you can create an innovative social media strategy for your company. They’ll look into your previous posts, comments, user engagement, and more to come up with a unique and competitive approach for your company.

Brand reputation research

Brand reputation research by your personal social media specialist will reveal the value and repute of your brand online. They’ll look for bad comments or postings about your firm on social media and make ideas on how to build a trustworthy reputation.

Ad management for boosted posts

With up to six promoted posts, you can do more with social media. Following audience research and discussions with your team about your company’s goals, your social media professional creates your personalized ad campaign. Try our social media advertising services for a more aggressive ad campaign.

Detailed competitor research

With a complete competition study conducted by your personal social media professional, you’ll gain unparalleled insight into your competitors’ online performance. We can discover competition flaws and possibilities for your business using our research, allowing you to create the most effective campaign imaginable.

Social media strategy based on data

For your social media marketing campaign, you’ll get a personalized, data-driven approach. Your dedicated social media specialist can develop a strategy that meets your objectives using advanced marketing technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

Account manager for social media accounts

When you work with Fun Media on your social media strategy, you’ll have access to a dedicated social media account manager. They can assist your company make the most of its marketing and advertising plan on numerous social media networks thanks to their skills and specializations.

Daily monitoring of social media

With daily monitoring by your dedicated social media specialist, you can trust your social media strategy to perform. Your social media expert will check in on your accounts on a daily basis, evaluating the performance and interactions on the content they created for your company.

Consultations per month

Every month, meet with your personal social media consultant to discuss the results of your campaign. During your meeting, your social media account manager will discuss possible campaign tweaks or upgrades to help you get the most out of your approach.

Monthly transparent reports

Fun Media also provides a monthly report on the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Your personal social media professional will analyze this report with you during your monthly consultation and make it available for your team to access afterward. Our reports are all completely transparent.

Technology for advanced marketing

Digital Marketing Kenya gives you access to some of the most modern marketing software in the industry. Your social media specialist may create a data-driven campaign based on industry-specific data using Digital Marketing Kenya, which includes machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Social media services are optional.

With an active social media strategy, you might gain access to extra social media services such as contests. Enterprises that target up to two social media platforms, such as businesses active on five social media networks, can hold one contest every year.

Are you looking for social media management services? contact us now!

Why should you work with a Social Media Management Firm?

You have lots of compelling reasons to join with a social media management firm if you’re exploring social media marketing services and agencies. They provide your company and team a slew of benefits that can make or break your campaign.

Find out why firms hire a social media service provider here:

  • Obtain industry-leading knowledge
  • Boost internal resources
  • Use cutting-edge marketing software.
  • Better time management

Increase the return on social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

1. Obtain industry-leading knowledge

Your firm has immediate access to some of the most brilliant people in the industry when you choose an experienced supplier of social media management services. Fun Media, for example, has a dedicated team of social media experts.

Furthermore, we have separate design, copywriting, and programming teams, allowing us to supply your company with whatever it requires. We can produce everything you need to thrive in-house, from must-like posts to breathtaking graphics.

Internally overseeing your social media management, on the other hand, has a learning curve. You must understand the ins and outs of various social media networks. You must also conduct study into the best practices, tactics, and strategies for diverse networks.

This can lead to a lengthy trial-and-error process, which can put company decision-makers to the test. If your team fails to provide results quickly, your company’s leaders may remove their support (and your budget) for social media marketing and advertising.

Putting that money into a professionally run campaign, on the other hand, can help your team quickly demonstrate the worth of social media. Even better, you can get started driving outcomes sooner, which saves money.

2. Make the most of internal resources

You want to make the most of your budget while marketing or advertising your company. Fun Media, a reputable and well-known provider of social media management services, can assist your organization in achieving a significant return on investment (ROI) from social media.

Developing, launching, and maintaining a social media strategy in-house is a time- and cost-intensive process for your team. Not only must you devote time to monitoring the performance of your plan, but you must also devote time to planning the content for the following month.

A sensible (and simple) answer is to work with a seasoned provider of social media services.

You not only get a custom approach from a partner like Fun Media but you also avoid the trouble of producing, launching, and optimizing it. This relieves your team of the burden of devoting time and money to developing a comprehensive strategy in-house.

3. Use cutting-edge marketing software

Marketing automation software is a substantial investment for organizations outside of the marketing industry. It’s nearly a need for firms who wish to succeed in internet marketing in today’s digital marketplace.

As a result, many businesses are partnering with full-service digital marketing agencies that specialize in social media marketing. Clients of Fun Media, for example, have full access to Digital Marketing Kenya, our patented platform for tracking online performance and informing online campaigns.

Any company would have to invest a significant amount of money on this technology. For example, Fun Media has invested more than $2 million in technological research and development, such as Digital Marketing Kenya.

When you work with Fun Media, however, you get immediate access to this cutting-edge technology.

4. Time management

Businesses with in-house social media strategies frequently have a dedicated team member for the job. Most internal marketing teams, however, invest their resources on agencies because that is neither possible or a sensible use of company assets for many firms.

You can have access to a social media optimization business that specializes in not only social media marketing but also marketing on specific social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You also delegate a number of time-consuming chores to someone else, allowing you to concentrate on the responsibilities at hand.

5. Increase the return on your social media marketing

When a firm engages in social media marketing, it expects a return on its investment, which could range from higher brand awareness to increased revenue. You want to meet their expectations, which is challenging when you have little expertise with social media marketing.

A skilled social media services provider can assist you with this.

They have the knowledge, tools, and strategy to deliver a high-quality campaign that meets your company’s objectives. They also don’t take up a lot of time from your staff, allowing you to be productive.

Focus on social media management services that stress their clients’ outcomes and successes if you’re serious about teaming with one. You want a company that gauges its success by your success, like Fun Media.

Browse our portfolio and testimonials to learn more about how we deliver a ROI for our clients.

What factors influence the price of social media marketing?

Do you want to know how much social media marketing services cost?

The following elements influence social media pricing:

  • Areas of Strategy
  • Networks and quantity of networks on social media
  • Experience with advertising agencies and more
  • Explore our social media price research for additional information on social media service fees.

5 reasons to hire a professional social media marketing firm

The importance of social media is recognized by many marketing departments. However, convincing company decision-makers to invest in a social media marketing and advertising strategy is difficult. That’s why we’ve put up a list of the top five reasons to put money into social media.

1. Meet users where they want to be.

Every day, 3.48 billion people utilize social media. Facebook alone has over one billion daily users, indicating the importance (and influence) of social media in people’s daily lives. You’re missing out on a vital avenue for communicating with your target market if you’re not on social media.

2. Increase brand recognition

Social media is a great way to raise brand recognition, which is an important component of the purchase process. You can build a relationship with new and existing followers through ads and organic postings, which may lead to them purchasing your product or service.

3. Keep your customers happy.

More than half of social media users in Kenya are loyal to the brands they follow. This statistic is crucial because it demonstrates the importance of having a social media presence for businesses. You may not only communicate with customers on social media, but you can also increase their devotion to your brand.

4. Encourage customers to buy again.

Your firm can also use social media to encourage customers to buy from you again. New product announcements, limited-time promotions, and other posts can encourage people to buy from your company and even discuss your product or services with their friends and family on the network.

5. Generate high-quality leads

B2B enterprises can also benefit from social networking. In fact, more than 40% of B2B marketers have gained clients using Facebook, demonstrating the social media networks’ adaptability. However, many B2B companies miss the potential of social media, allowing you to capitalize on it.

Responsibilities of social media marketers and their impact

Because social media marketing is a relatively new method of internet promotion, there are many unanswered questions. People who see a social media marketer at work — or see a social media marketing agency’s invoice — are always curious about what goes into such a specialized marketing profession.

That’s understandable. After all, you want to know more about something new at your workplace, right?

So, what exactly do social media marketers do all day? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re not alone – and the answer is yes.

You can view the video below and then read on to learn about the many responsibilities and tasks that a social media marketer is responsible for.

social media marketing

Step 1: decide which social media platforms to use.

Not every social media platform is appropriate for every situation. Facebook is good for community development, Twitter is good for content promotion, Pinterest is fantastic for visual content, and so on. Other social media networks have their own set of caveats, but the idea is that a competent social media marketer will understand the differences between them all and employ the one that best suits their needs at the time.

If you sell suits, for example, a social media marketer will use multiple formats for different types of material, such as:

Facebook discount codes

Twitter promotional photos

Instagram-worthy candids

While this isn’t a perfect model for all businesses, it’s a solid starting point. And a social media marketer requires a lot of background knowledge to make those selections.

Step 2: Determine your target market.

To succeed as a social media marketer, they must first build an audience. They must seek out individuals with comparable interests to your company. So, using the same formal wear example as previously, a social media marketer needs to discover all of the people on any given social network who are likely to buy your company’s suits.

They can do this by seeking for the most reputable source of market knowledge by looking at certain groups, hashtags, or even your competitors. They will be able to promote material more successfully once they have done so. This is very crucial for the following step.

Step 3: Obtain followers

A social media marketer must demonstrate that your brand identifies with your target audience in order to gain followers. They must promote the appropriate information at the appropriate moment to appear in users’ feeds, as well as ensure that people are aware of your company’s existence.

They can do this by talking to influential people in your business to generate retweets or @-mentions, increasing brand exposure. In this way, a social media manager is also a public relations specialist who communicates with external sources to help your brand gain more attention.

Step 4: Engage your audience

A social media manager must engage with followers once they get them. This includes speaking with them directly, addressing their inquiries, and even dealing with their complaints. A social media marketer is in charge of dealing with bad feedback and ensuring that it doesn’t turn into a disaster by soothing or defusing situations wherever possible.

The social media marketer serves as the first line of defense between your organization and the public in this regard. They must encourage and reassure happy consumers while also containing and resolving problematic clients. It’s a difficult balancing act, but one that a skilled social media marketer can master.

Step 5: Increase site visitors

To make all of these social media followers count, a marketer must direct them to your website. This includes blogs, images, videos, promotions, discounts, bargains, and other eye-catching content that will persuade consumers to click through.

This is one of a few marketing tasks that social media marketers are responsible for on a regular basis. They want to drive traffic to your site, so they use clever postings and promotional materials to get your followers to visit. And once they get on your site, your content has the potential to convert them into customers.

Step 6: Monitor outcomes

A smart social media marketer will track the results of their techniques throughout the entire process to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If it isn’t, they can use the data to determine what needs to be changed in the future.

Every social media marketing strategy your organization launches should include tracking. The main reason is that it allows them to get their next job.

Step 7: Enhance their strategy

Your social media marketer now has a better understanding of what to modify for future plans to use other social networks, identify your target market, gain more followers, engage those followers, and increase site traffic, thanks to the data they’ve gathered. Essentially, this aspect of

a social media marketer’s job guarantees that the next strategy is carried out successfully. Then there’s the one after that. Then there’s the one after that.

As a result, your company’s performance, traffic, and even customer conversions will improve.

One of the greatest social media marketers in the industry is Fun Media.

Fun Media is an expert in social media marketing, and our team of committed marketers stays on top of all the newest trends and best practices to ensure that your business gets the best results possible. We work hard on social media to generate a loyal following, establish brand identification, and convince consumers to buy in order to increase your revenue. And once we get started, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of social media marketing right away!

Are you prepared to expand your brand and business? Contact us today to start planning your social media strategy!

Social Media Marketing Trends you Should Know in 2021

When it comes to social media marketing, change is a constant. It is inevitable. The tactics and strategies that worked perfectly well this year are soon going to struggle to deliver. In 2021, employing the same social media marketing approach you used in 2020 is not good. There are key social media marketing trends that you must now consider for you to succeed in 2021.

Personalized Influencer Marketing

While the norm has been to use popular internet users with hundreds of thousands of followers to leverage as influencers, now, businesses are turning to people with much smaller social media following. Businesses are now seeking to reach a targeted audience with a voice they can trust. Influencer marketing has become more personalized. Audiences prefer to trust other consumer recommendations over corporate.

More of Live Videos

While videos have been a vital in digital marketing in 2020, the trend is going to continue to 2020. According to viewing habits, consumers on social media are spending more time on videos but that’s not all. Live videos and streams are watched about three times longer compared to those that are not live. In 2020, streaming and live videos are no doubt going to be social media marketing musts.

Interactive Content to Dominate

Consumers are now considering interactive content. Audiences want more of  shoppable posts, polls, quizzes and other interactive content. As thus, it is only obvious that marketing strategies shift to focus in giving the audiences their preferences.

Interactive content will be a top social media marketing trend in 2021 if the impact of the shoppable ads on Instagram are anything to go by. For instance, a product ad on Instagram, when tapped by a user, pops the name and price of the item. If the user taps on the price, they are taken to the website where they can make a direct purchase of the item they have liked on Instagram.

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Social Media Stories Marketing to Take Off

Insta stories and Facebook stories have taken the digital space by storm. Now, there are also YouTube Reels and TikTok where users create short videos that are less polished but authentic. While stories disappear after a period of time, mostly 4 hours, they provide an awesome opportunity for marketers. Consumers rely on stories to search for local businesses. Some location searches have a story icon that permits users to view recent stories that used particular location stickers.

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Social Media Marketing: How to make the best of your Social Media platforms

Social media marketing: How to make the best of your social media platforms Social media marketing uses social media platforms to create a connection between your target audience/customers and your brand. Social media marketing aims at building your brand, driving traffic to your website, increasing among other goals similar to digital marketing. To achieve these aims, you need to make good use of your social media platforms since social media marketing solely depends on your social media presence. Here are a few tips on how to make the best of your social media platforms:
  • Publishing great content
When you post worthy and relevant content, social media users deem your platforms as worthy. Great content trend and your followers and will always troop to your platforms as they are sure to find something worthwhile, be it tips or the services and items you sell.
  • Listening to and engaging your social media followers
Feedback is key in marketing. To get the best out of your strategy, you need to listen to and engage your audience. If you are active and always reacts to every need of your audiences, you build a reputation for your brand and its social media platforms. Customers will always consider your platforms as they are sure of finding assistance with their purchases or even queries.
  • Analyzing your social media reactions
You need to know what works and what doesn’t. Social media provides almost instant reactions. When you watch out for these and analyze them, you get to know what aspects need more work and what needs to change in your strategy.
  • Running multiple social media advertisements
The online audience is widely segmented. While running several ads will increase visibility and reach, you also need to try and have something for everyone. Your ads should be diverse, from images to videos, to public polls. Are you struggling generating sales from your social media platforms? Talk to us on:


Social Media Manager in Kenya

There are several companies offering social media marketing and management services in Kenya. Social media marketing is increasingly becoming a proven method of connecting and engaging customers, both existing and current. Social media is not only changing how we think but it also progressively changing the way businesses interact with their clients as well as the way they approach business.

From global statistics, about half of the world’s population is now active on social media, and this only makes social media more effective. It needs to be accorded all the attention it needs owing to its productive potential. Social media is where people are at the moment. It is where to meet all the clients for your business. It is how people are sharing what they adore with their friends and family. It is in the same spirit that firms are seeking to tap into this love-chain and yield accordingly.

Social media manager

Social media marketers and managers help client companies, or individuals, engage with their customers, increase leads and sales for their businesses by using social media. To be able to provide this assistance, social media managers are paid to ensure that the business gets returns from its online efforts.

Social media managers help businesses grow by:

  • Developing brand awareness – through social media followers
  • Building relationships – through engagements
  • Increasing website exposure – through traffic

Importance of social media management

Doing business on social media is no longer a little added benefit to a business’ bottom-line. Instead, it has grown to be a necessity for every business seeking to remain competitive. There are millions of potential buyers that are using social media platforms to inform their purchasing decisions, many like never before.

Over 70% of online users follow particular brands on social media because of interest in the products. This can directly translate to sales depending on how efficient a business is utilizing such meaningful statistics.

Apart from the statistics, social media management also makes a huge difference for companies. Apart from providing open channels for clients to stay in touch with the company, social media also provides an avenue to increase brand awareness. It also helps business, improve their brand image, have faster launching of new products as well as provide an efficient platform to publicize sales and giveaways. Put in simpler terms; social media can be whatever a business wants it to be as long as one has the knowledge and the resources needed to pull off the heist.

Pricing of social media management services

Cost is one of the most vital aspects that have to be considered before undertaking any business venture. The same applies to hiring a social media manager. You have to find the right cost for your budget. The right service should save you time and energy as thus it is essential to understand the price of social media management services before settling on a choice, or decision.

In pricing, the most significant aspect of pricing is the social media platform a business wants to focus on. The popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat will come with pretty much different price tags.

Apart from the platform, it is also prudent to note that the range of features that a management service comes with can also affect the cost. If you are looking to bring on board a company that only schedules posts and responds to comments, they will charge on the lower side. When considering social media managers that will take care of everything, including social media strategy, you will likely spend a little more. To know the pricing ranges for social media management services, get quotes from varied service providers. With the prices, you can then make an informed decision on who to hire for your business’ social media management.

Kenya social media sites

Kenya social media sites

What are the social media sites in Kenya?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Which companies does Social Media Marketing in Kenya?

Fun Media

Is social media used for businesses in Kenya?

Social media usage is vast in Kenya. Social media has been a critical driver behind the increased purchase of smartphones in the country as the mobile apps for the same are just as popular.

Which is the most used or visited social media platform in Kenya


Which is the second most popular social media platform in Kenya


When looking at social networking sites in Kenya, it is prudent to note that there are no established social networking sites that are Kenyan owned. Like most parts of the world, the most popular social media sites in Kenya are American owned.

Social media

Social media usage is vast in Kenya. Social media has been a critical driver behind the increased purchase of smartphones in the country as the mobile apps for the same are just as popular.

Social media is vital for brands in Kenya, and as thus, it is essential to understand where brands come in when it comes to exploiting the potentials of social media, particularly the dominant ones. To elaborate on this, below is a list of some of the legit and most popular social media sites that should matter to every brand manager:

Social media platforms in Kenya


It goes without saying that this is the biggest social media platform in Kenya, and by a pretty convincing margin at that. Facebook boasts over 5 million active users in Kenya. Considering its broad reach, uptake, and potential to continue growing, Facebook has become an integral component for brands. Brands rely on Facebook to build communities and also to run their digital advertisement campaigns.

The extent of Facebook’s dominance is portrayed by its popularity, not just among the urban dwellers but even among those living upcountry with even more older people joining the social network. To make any decent impact in Kenya, you definitely need Facebook as it is the social media platform that guarantees a wide unfiltered reach.


After Facebook, the other popular social media platform in Kenya is Twitter. Twitter has been in Kenya almost as long as Facebook; however, estimates put Twitter users to about a third of Facebook’s.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a limited number of characters that a user can share per post. It is probably for this reason that Twitter is not quite as popular as Facebook in Kenya. However, Twitter is very important for brands looking to get their message across in a concise manner. For digital campaigns, Twitter allows brand in Kenya to buy Twitter Ads, something that has since become popular with leading brands in the country.


LinkedIn has been in existence in Kenya just as long as Twitter and Facebook. Unlike the more flexible tone used on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is for professional engagements and is more skewed for business engagements.

For all the serious business content such as recruitment, LinkedIn remains as the best social media platform. LinkedIn allows potential employees to advertise their vacancies and meet professional and qualified applicants, something that other social media platforms cannot boast about. Like Facebook and Twitter, brands can also buy LinkedIn Ads for campaigns.


Instagram is arguably the breakout social media platform of the era, and it is getting bigger by the day. Instagram, owing to its popular feature of sharing images, has grown mostly successful and accessible, particularly among the youth. Like the other platforms listed, LinkedIn also allows brands to run Instagram Ads.

Among the popular social media platforms, brands can liaise with influencers and social media managers to reach even wider audiences. In recent times, social media marketing has become an integral part of brand marketing with significant budgets going into social media marketing. For start-ups and popular brands, bringing social media marketers’ onboard can help in ensuring you also get a share of the pie. For the best returns, engaging efficient social media managers like Fun Media goes a long way.

Social media management Apps in Kenya

Just like social media platforms, the most popular social media management applications in Kenya are foreign-owned. Social media management apps help social media users take their social web activity and presence to another level owing to the tons of advantages they offer. Apart from enhancing a user’s social web game, these apps also save on time and energy that would have otherwise been spent trying to do things manually.

Best social media apps

The best social media apps offer a wide range of solutions. The solutions assist social media users to quickly and easily organize multiple accounts as well as share content across platforms without having to post individual accounts separately.

Although most of the features and layouts in the apps differ across the apps, at the end of the day, they all get the work done. As a user, one, however, needs to choose the right app that matches your needs and marketing strategy.

Here are a number of the most popular social media management tools in Kenya. They can and are used for several reasons ranging from personal marketing goals, blogs, small businesses as well as for established brands. It is sensible to note that not all of them come free as some are paid for.

Social media management applications in Kenya


Hootsuite is arguably the most popular social media management tool, not just in Kenya but in the world. It is mostly known for supporting a number of different platforms while at the same time offering a wide range of dynamic features.

With Hootsuite, you get to monitor and share content across multiple networks. With its built-in custom analytics system- its ability to monitor keywords and conveniently schedule posts- Hootsuit emerges as the to-beat social media management app. However, some of its helpful features are paid for.


TweetDeck is a popular web app used to manage Twitter. Before Twitter acquired it, TweetDeck used to support other social networks, and now it is precisely for managing Twitter.

TweetDeck comes free, and it is perfect for those who want to manage multiple Twitter accounts or follow particular hashtags, respond to several users, and monitor what is being said on Twitter real-time. Here, a user can organize all that they need in separate columns, and all are visible on one screen. TweetDeck, however, is only meant for the desktop web.

Sprout Social

The other social media tool popular among marketers in Kenya is Sprout Social. This tool assists user easily publish to a number of social media platforms. It is built to provide excellent customer service on social media alongside looking for the hidden engagements.

The smart box feature in Sprout Social allows a user to have a complete charge of the social media accounts. It puts notifications, mentions, and messages all in one feed. The mobile app version of Sprout Social also includes push notifications. This means that a social media manager is likely to keep track of the social media accounts real time even when they are not online.

To continue using Sprout Social after the expiry of the free trial, you need to pay not less than Sh6,000 per month to be able to continue using all of its advanced features.

Search engine optimization companies in Kenya

Irrespective of the type of the website, a new one or an existing one, there are several optimization techniques that can be employed to boost the visibility of the site in organic search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of developing and marketing websites.

Why you need SEO

Sites that are SEO friendly rank higher in search results from popular search engines. In turn, this improves and influences the traffic flow to the traffic. In Kenya, it is essential that you have your website SEO friendly to enhance its visibility, traffic, and also your brand’s image.

SEO companies in Kenya

There are several companies that claim to be the best in SEO. It is vital that you first determine which of the many companies will meet all your requirements. To help you settle on the best SEO companies in Kenya, here is a short checklist:

Understanding of SEO goals

Before you set out to find an SEO company, define the areas that you need to be improved. You can then use these areas to gauge if an SEO has what it takes for your job. You will also need a digital marketing analysis, mainly done by an expert, to help you find the areas that need improvement. A good SEO company in Kenya should give you essential data to prove that the identified areas need focus or, if you need to improve your entire website or get a new one altogether.


A look at the comments to see what the previous, and maybe current, customers are saying about the SEO company will give you a view about the provider. From the comments, you should be able to tell if they, the SEO provider, provide quality services or not. You might also have to consider going beyond just testimonials and try to find reviews of the particular company from online review forums of websites.

The latest techniques

The SEO techniques are evolving, and you need to be able to match the completion in the ever-expanding online field. Top SEO providers are conscious of changes in the online marketing field and quickly adopt the latest updates when serving their clients. Before partnering with a company, ask for the significance of the SEO techniques that they are using. Get explanations on how they will help make your website compatible with the search engines algorithms.

Keyword targeting

Search engines rely on keywords to determine the content or the topic that you are writing about on your website. An SEO company should assist you in choosing the right keywords that will enhance your visibility and ranking on search engine results. This way, users can readily find your site when they search for a relevant term. The SEO company should also help you create the right keywords for your domain name as well as the page URL to heighten your page’s visibility.

Best SEO companies

The best SEO companies in Kenya are those that will help you identify the issues that are habouring better ranking of your website and provide guidance and solutions accordingly. For efficient SEO services for your new or existing site, Fun Media offers highly tuned optimization techniques that will establish, boost, and maintain your website’s visibility.