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Digital Marketing Services: Intercounty Access.

Consider your business or idea now, but also think about how the other 47 counties in Kenya and your county’s access to the digital marketing services market. every tool, strategy, stage, and action that an organization should take to adopt a relevant digital marketing trend is covered in this article. Answer the following inquiries:

  1. Do you follow the correct trends and methods for digital marketing?
  2. Does your firm have a professional website, logo, business cards, etc.?
  3. Can clients locate your business online?
  4. Does your website generate quality leads and traffic?
  5. Has your business set up the utilization of social media channels?
  6. Does your business provide a profit or a return on investment?
    To assist us in finding you, select the town that is nearest to you. We’ve left our doors open wide for your arrival.

Digital Marketing

Choose your town right now, review the resources and possibilities offered, and get to work.

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Digital Marketing Executive responsibilities include

  • Assisting in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection with consumers
  • Planning and monitoring the ongoing company presence on social media
  • Launching optimized online advertisements to increase company and brand awareness

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced Digital Marketing Executive to assist in the planning, execution and optimization of our online marketing efforts. The promotion of products and services through digital channels is a complex procedure with great potential which becomes increasingly useful for companies such as ours.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for all things marketing and technology. You will be well-versed in the concepts surrounding digital marketing and how the Internet can become a strong asset to securing growing revenue. You will be tech-savvy and intuitive with great ideas to reinforce our marketing campaign.


  • Assist in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection with consumers
  • Plan and monitor the ongoing company presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • Launch optimized online adverts through Google Adwords, Facebook etc. to increase company and brand awareness
  • Be actively involved in SEO efforts (keyword, image optimization etc.)
  • Prepare online newsletters and promotional emails and organize their distribution through various channels
  • Provide creative ideas for content marketing and update website
  • Collaborate with designers to improve user experience
  • Measure performance of digital marketing efforts using a variety of Web analytics tools (Google Analytics, WebTrends etc.)
  • Acquire insight in online marketing trends and keep strategies up-to-date
  • Maintain partnerships with media agencies and vendors

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as Digital Marketing Executive or similar role
  • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices
  • Experience with B2C social media, Google Adwords and email campaigns and SEO/SEM
  • Working knowledge of ad serving tools (e.g., DART, Atlas)
  • Perfect knowledge of web analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, NetInsight, WebTrends etc.)
  • Skills and experience in creative content writing
  • Analytical mindset and critical thinking
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Send CV and Cover letter to on or before 3rd August 2022

Education And Technology: Future Trends We Are Expecting

The EdTech industry has gained a lot of momentum this year when technology was the saving grace that allowed the sector to continue its operations. Thus, we will probably see a faster adoption of technology that will change the way we learn. Here are some of the future trends we can expect. 

Personalization Will Rule 

One of the things that are already changing in the education industry is personalization. Traditional learning methods are collective, with teachers preparing lessons for a group instead of individuals. Before technology, it was the way the sector aimed to reach more students cost-effectively. If they try to give individual attention to each student, they would have needed one teacher per two or three students. 

But that is changing with artificial intelligence and digital learning platforms. Already, some online courses use AI to give a more personalized experience by changing the pace of the lessons according to the student’s learning pace. The algorithm also repeats the concepts the student has problems with. 

An example of this is Querium, an AI-powered virtual tutor that helps students improve their STEM skills. It uses AI algorithms to give a personalized experience to all users. AI can also be used for grading, preparing lessons, and guiding students through different activities. In other words, AI will become the perfect assistant to all the teachers at all levels of educations to give students the individual attention that a teacher can’t. 

Gamification and Edutainment

Gamification is when institutions incorporate the rewarding and level-up aspects of gaming into the learning process. The way students learn doesn’t change; what changes is the way they are rewarded for learning. Teachers can set up goals and every time a student reaches them they win points or go up a level. This method also creates healthy competition between students. 

Similar to when you play a game with your friends, you want to win and have more points or complete all levels first. Gamification encourages students to reach their goals so they can level-up or earn points faster. It is common nowadays on online learning platforms and self-paced courses. 

Edutainment is changing the way students learn by including entertainment resources and a game-based curriculum into the learning process. In other words, students use games to learn new things. For example, I had a math teacher in primary school that used a modified version of baseball to teach us how to multiply. 

With new technologies, the introduction of gamification and edutainment will be smooth. Now, teachers don’t have to be creative to come up with these methods. Learning platforms design and analyze which of these methods are more efficient by collecting data from its students and analyzing it with AI. Overall, it brings a level of interactivity to the classroom that makes it more adaptable to the younger generations. 

Need for New Careers

The world is clearly changing with the fast development of new technologies. Many professions are disappearing and being replaced with machines. Thus, the education industry should adapt to the changes and start teaching the new careers that society needs. Right now, there are many new professions that can’t be learned at universities or colleges. 

Also, the curriculum at lower levels of education—like pre-school, primary, and high school—haven’t included new skills like data literacy, programming languages, or digital security. The curriculum at all levels has to change to adapt to the new needs of society. For example, one of the newest tech careers is blockchain development. This path was born with the surge of blockchain technology in the last decade. 

Most of these professionals are software developers or engineers that have learned on their own by trial and error. It means that the number of blockchain developers is really low and the demand is high. That’s why the sector has to change and start adapting to our new reality by making a complete revolution on curriculums and career paths offered. 

In Summary

Education is still behind compared to the rapid pace of societal change. Although this year has accelerated the adoption of new technologies in the sector, it still has a long way to go. Some of the trends we will see in the future are an increase of personalization with AI, more gamification, and edutainment. Also, we will see a shift in education options at higher levels to adapt to the new technologies that are ruling our society. 

What To Do If You Are Having Doubts About Your Career

Your career is one of the main roads that dictate the direction of your life. This why the constant evaluation of job satisfaction is always in our minds. We all know one (or more) of those seemingly bright and passionate people who suddenly lose their drive and motivation to work. This sudden loss of enthusiasm probably has to do with a realization that, upon closer inspection, they are not really on their dream career path.

Asking yourself if you are sincerely interested and engaged in work that will lead you to what you desire is the best way to avoid wasting your time. While it is true that it is never too late to change paths, like in most things, the sooner the better. If you are thinking about changing career, here are some things to consider:

Evaluate Your Current Job Satisfaction

Every job has its own challenges, and not every task presented to you is going to bring you endless joy and entertainment, no matter what career path you’re in. However, what makes a difference is whether the completed result of that task gives you satisfaction and a sense of purpose. 

If your current job is filled with activities and tasks that you dread and that have absolutely no redeeming aspects to them, that is already a strong indicator that you might be in the wrong career. Like cosmetics export manager turned nutritionist Audrey Lemargue told Forbes magazine, “Trust your gut feeling and follow your instinct. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s because it isn’t.”

Assess Your Interests 

Another way of figuring out if the career path you’re on is right for you is to simply compare what you’re currently doing with your interests, but also with your strengths; your reflections on these two things will give you a good and realistic perspective for the future. 

If your current career path does not put you in a position to exploit your strengths and interests, this is going to eventually wear you down and eliminate any illusion and passion you might have brought to the table in the first place.

Consider Your Options

Start thinking about alternative job paths, and allow yourself to explore these options with an open mind. Do not rule things out immediately because you do not have the qualifications, contacts, or learnable skills. Anything you set your mind to is possible, and you can build a future in coding or fashion design if that’s what you want and are determined and proactive. 

Art Markman, professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas, said to the New York Times that we should think of your job title as merely one component of a complex person. Meaning? You can work your way into a new job as you did with your current one, can’t you? So do not simply settle for what you have because you think that you wouldn’t be able to adapt. Everyone’s teachable, and that is the most important thing to keep in mind when you consider alternatives to your current career: nothing is off-limits, and nobody’s a one-trick pony.

Give Other Things a Try

This will allow you to get up close and personal with other fields of interest, and see if the reality aligns with your ideas of them.  A way of trying things out is to find volunteer activities, freelance gigs, or online courses. This applies to any career path, you just have to be on the lookout and broaden your horizons. This will also help you get into the scene and thus build a network inside it.


At the end of the day, it is only you who knows how you feel about your current career, but If the thought of changing paths has crossed your mind, it’s in your best interest to evaluate your situation and make changes if necessary. Work takes up a big chunk of our time, and there’s no sense in settling for things that do not meet the expectations of your life; after all, the possibilities are endless. 


The world of Marketing has undergone a technical revolution. Hence there is a need to invest in a reliable Digital Marketing company that is up to date with Digital Marketing Trends. One of the reliable and efficient Digital Marketing companies in Eldoret is Fun Media. Fun Media is an Online Brand Management firm with expertise in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Digital Marketing, Website Design and Development, Brand Management, Media Monitoring, Advertising, Photography, and Videography.

Having embarked on several surveys and research, it’s proof that Fun Media is considered one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Eldoret, due to its efficiency and reliability. One might ask why it’s considered the best? These are some of the factors that make it outstanding in the marketing industry.

Digital Marketing Classes

Fun Media offers Digital Marketing Classes to any individual looking to pursue a career in Digital Marketing as well as implement a digital marketing strategy for organizations, at the Hello College of Marketing. The fee is affordable and you can learn anywhere, anytime. The Hello College of Marketing is known to produce professional Digital Marketers.

Website Design and Development

Fun Media offers affordable domain names and web hosting plan with various offers. It ensures that your website has smooth service uptime, to keep your business running on a daily basis.

Social media Optimization.

Fun media ensures that its clients social media platforms are well Optimized to ensure increased traffic into their website by using several search engine Optimization tools to facilitate this. It also ensures that relevant campaigns are done in their social media platforms as well as Websites to generate leads for their business.

Content Creation.

Fun Media understands that for digital marketing to be successful, their point of difference should be quality content. Hence their team ensures that they create quality content, publish substantive content that will be interesting to their clients target audience, as well as incorporate optimal search terms into the content so that its more likely to show up in organic search engine.

Last but not least their digital team is dedicated to ensure that their clients meet their goals and objective as well as producing high quality output to keep their busines running. Therefore, there is need to invest in Fun Media as your reliable Digital Marketing Company to ensure that you stay on top of your competitors.



Hello there. You are probably reading this because you are considering getting digital marketing assistance in Mombasa town or its environs.  Are you a Mombasa resident? Is your business based in Mombasa and you want to settle on a reliable digital marketing agency to trust your business with? Well, look no further. We have your best interests at heart.

Introducing to you Fun Media Digital Marketing Agency. We excel and have prowess in the following key digital Marketing areas.

  1. Website Design and Development Services

 Our team of experts design highly responsive, user friendly and SEO ready websites in under 24 hours.  We give domain name solutions too;, .com,, .org and more are all available. All our websites are optimized for mobile, have excellent display of contact details and also have clear call to action buttons. Further, we offer website hosting services and our rates are incredibly affordable compared to the others in the market.

  • Social Media Marketing Services.

We have helped hundreds of our clients manage their businesses digitally by managing all their social media pages.  From posting both created and curated content on scheduled dates, to replying to comments and messages to helping in leads conversion. We basically give your business a strong social media presence, uphold your company’s social media culture, and market your products while at it.

Our most used social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • SEO Services.

Fun Media also offers Search Engine Optimization services. Basically, this is helping business pages to rank on the first page of Google. You know how people casually say that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google? Haha. Because no one would ever find out about it anyway. Well, statistics show that 93% of searchers never go past the first page of Google when searching for results online.

With this in mind, we help businesses to rank on the much coveted Google’s first page. We make your business discoverable every time customers search for information regarding the type of products and services you offer. In the end, you, our customer is able to drive quality and qualified traffic your way.

  • SEM Services.

SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing whereby we help you rank for relevant keywords for as low as $1.

The best thing about fun media is that we also gives you a chance to learn all of these services if you wish to practice them on your business all by yourself.

  •  Other Services
  • Photography and videography

Should you ever need good business photos to showcase your products, we got you. We capture immaculately good pictures and have the best video displays in town.

  • Graphic Design

Fun media also specializes in production of Logos, Calendars, pens, T shirts and posters.

These come in handy for organizations that are keen on elevating their brand in the face of their customers.

Best Digital Marketing company in Kisumu

Before we kick start on the best digital marketing company in Kisumu, one might actually wonder, what is digital marketing? How does digital marketing help us in the long run?

Digital marketing is basically the use of the internet in order to reach customers; can be local reach or worldwide reach. One can use digital marketing in order to attract customers through various means like emails and social media.

In the long run, one will be able to reach a wide variety of people at a pretty low cost. Additionally, through a well-researched market, a business owner can get the right customers in a limited time period.

It’s safe to assume that no one is left in the dark concerning marketing digitally. From thorough research done on a few companies, it is safe to say that the best digital marketing company in Kisumu is Fun Media. Their website is nothing but appealing thus promising a better and pleasing work.

Fun Media benefits

In addition, their entire action button work well and the company is very responsive to clients. Their website, has all the right information a client needs to know about the company. It also leaves one with a sense of security when it comes to trusting the company with business accounts for marketing.

Fun Media offers a number of services not excluding Domain names and Web hosting, websites, branding and identity designs. Not forgetting, they offer master classes, because, as we know, learning never stops!

Further benefits provided by Fun Media include Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content creation and Social Ads and Messenger marketing.

Digital Marketing Classes

The company offers classes in digital marketing, social media crisis management, and social customer service. They also offer classes in social media strategy and social media monitoring, listening and analytics.

Before I forget, they have this crazy offer for a free course in social media essentials. Get your M-Pesa or bank card ready because learning at Fun Media Kenya is affordable and beneficial in the long run.

Boost your business

In spite of all the challenges you might face with your business offline, Fun Media Kenya guarantees promising results both online and offline. Similarly, they guarantee to create online campaign that will eventually create awareness and also build the brand across new platforms.

To provide more confidence in the company, it has been in business for six years and counting. Currently, they have designed more than fifty websites and have had more than seventy campaigns for clients.

Meanwhile, Amazing Kisumu offers nothing but the best when it comes to a top website design and advantageous classes.

Social media is the current world to most people as everyone runs to it for comfort, hope and to learn and buy something new. Most clients can be found online and at Amazing Kisumu, they will ensure you get more clients than imagined.

With all those benefits, it is indeed true that Fun Media Kenya is the best digital marketing in Kisumu.

10 reasons why you need Social Media Marketing for your Business in 2021

Marketing keeps on evolving.  From the age of barter trade where traders swore by the exchange of goods and services to the recent times where you buy stuff in a click of a button. Who could have ever thought that Marketing trends would change this much?

Some of the most widely used Social Media Platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram and most recently, Tiktok.

Social media has made things so much easier in marketing and here are ten reasons why you need Social Media Marketing for your business in 2021.

  1.  You get to strategically reach targeted audience.

Social Media ensures that your content reaches your target audience. This could be in terms of demographics, age, location, earnings, and many more. If say, you are targeting clients from a particular age group, there’s a provision for doing exactly that in the social media platforms.  Isn’t this in itself, a powerhouse?

2. You get to directly interact with targeted customers.

Using the proper etiquette and procedures, you can leverage on the channels of interaction and gain great engagement with your customers. It is worth noting that no other traditional form of marketing allows for this kind of flexibility.

3. Enables you to reach an even wider audience.

Social media allows for its users to like, comment, share, message, and retweet in response to posted content.  These exchanges in turn make your content go viral. So if you can manage to post compelling content that is worth massive engagement, you’re a winner when it comes to audience reach.

The secret here is to be strategic with your content.

4. Enhanced customer trust.

Your commitment to posting content takes your audience on a journey of trust in your brand and this trust translates to revenue as your audience graduate to repeat customers and effortlessly bring you referrals and become your brand ambassadors out there.

5. Increased sales

The end goal. All the aspects discussed above lead to increased sales. With the right content marketing strategy in place, you are sure to make sales beyond anyone’s expectations.

6. Promoting your products.

Social Media plays a massive role in getting your product noticed by your target audience. Using the various methods of delivering information for example using videos, infographics, podcasts, and blogs, you are sure to promote your products exponentially.

7. Getting feedback directly from clients

Social Media provides a platform where customers can communicate what they feel and think about your brand. This information helps you know what adjustments you can make to improve the customer experience.  Please note that this kind of information is rarely available in traditional forms of marketing.

8. Reduced cost of Marketing.

Putting up billboards, using print press and advertising on radio and TV are all very costly avenues for marketing. Thankfully, Social Media Marketing does not come with a hefty price on marketing attached to it. The budget for paid advertisements and internet costs are unimaginably much more affordable.

9. Engaging your audience when they are available.

Thanks to the post scheduling tools like Hubspot and Facebook’s inbuilt scheduling function, you can target your audience with content when they are most likely to be online. This will in turn improve on posts engagements and ultimately lead to increased sales.

10. No physical shop needed.

While most people still insist on having physical shops while promoting their products and services online, a good number of businesses are operating online with no physical shops. How great is that? Getting to save on rent, electricity and all the costs that come with managing a physical shop.

In conclusion, Social Media plays a very important role in marketing in our today’s world.

Renowned people in great businesses like Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel have all built their brands through the Social Media space.  You too can tap on this potential. Consult Us for Social Media Marketing

15 Content Marketing Tools in 2021

A content marketing Platform is basically a software solution that aids marketing organizations to streamline and centralize their upstream marketing processes from the start to the end.

Below is a list of those that I feel are the best to use in 2021 but in no particular order.


This one enables you explore new content and also discover search volumes for keyword. Also has an SEO Writing assistant that helps figure out how well optimized the content is. Moreover, this tool enables you track measure results, mentions as well as helping you improve and analyze your content.


StoryChief enables you manage, create and publish multi-channel content. In a nutshell, it enables you to integrate content from various platforms and distribute it amongst multiple channels.


Helps you with Customer Relation Management (CRM) and also with sales. Marketers create quality content, manage their content lists efficiently amid targeting customers. Also has an enabled funnel-marketing system which helps marketers build, administer and distribute emails with the help of their marketing applications and tools.


This a SEO tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas. It has a powerful content ideas tool that allows you to see what other people in your niche are writing about.


Offers social media, brand and content management. Its campaign and planning management features effectively coordinates content marketing across all channels, markets and teams. Also helps with marketing analysis and has a tool that helps you improve on your content marketing strategy.


It’s a data science technology that helps users create quality content. Has a SaaS platform that uses big data to help you improve campaign management, live events, content syndication and in-venue engagement. Also helps businesses manage their content life cycle from planning, creating all through to measuring the impact.

Hemingway Editor.

This is a wonderful proofreading and word processing tool that helps editors and writers construct sentences that are concise and clear. It points out adverbs that are used inappropriately and highlights sentences that contains passive voice by use of color codes for easy identification of errors.


Curata is a content curation software service that helps you discover top content and can conduct an audit on demand. It analyzes the impact of your content marketing and sales pipeline and can help you streamline your content production process and build a content supply chain.


SnapApp’s drag-and-drop interface helps users create different kinds of interactive content without using any coding. The software service helps with deployment management, production and performance analysis of your content. It also allows for one to perform A/B testing to analyze the impact of different designs.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

With Portent’s Content Idea generator, you just need to enter keywords or subject that you want ideas on and the algorithm provides you with different ideas. This makes it one of the simplest tools to help with generation of content ideas.


This is a content marketing platform that studies the content consumption pattern of the users and delivers specific individualized content experiences across channels. Using its data-driven content intelligence, it helps you analyze your content strategy.


This is a top content activation and insight platform that enables you find out how yow your audience engages with your content. PathFactory can help you deliver personalized experiences to enhance lead generation, user engagement and lead nurturing.


This platform is AI powered and it is focused on delivering quality content. It uses a unique linguistic analytics engine that reads content and provides guidance. It supports the content creation ecosystem from guiding writers, defining your goals to measuring performance. Acrolinx can also help you improve your content marketing strategy.


Coschedule helps you consolidate content marketing, social media management, publishing and editorial planning all under one roof.


BuzzSumo is a high ranking content curation tool that prides itself in strong analytics.  It helps content marketers analyze the best performing content in their chosen niche.  It has an advanced social search engine that analyzes the most shared content to help content creators create high ranking content. It can also help you find top influencers in your niche to connect with them.

Content Marketing Platforms in 2021

The world of marketing has undergone a technical revolution. Hence, marketers’ ability to serve content directly to audiences has increased vastly. Platforms that enable marketers to deliver targeted messages, buy media programmatically, and automate distribution have changed the marketing landscape dramatically. Therefore there is a need for Content Marketing Platform to enables marketing organizations to centralize and streamline their upstream marketing processes from beginning to end, including planning and briefing to collaboration and approvals. Below is a description of the best content marketing platforms in 2021

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

 SEMrush Content Marketing is one of the best platforms in 2021.It covers the complete content marketing workflow from ideation to creation, optimization and measurement. The platform aims to help an entire content marketing team to create and execute a data-informed content strategy based on their audience’s needs. 

It also allows you to compile a content plan with great SEO potential by finding popular topics, headlines and questions. It lets you manage an editorial calendar and marketing activities with your colleagues and track your progress in one place. 

In addition, the platform generates briefs featuring actionable optimization tips based on your competition in search results. A handy Google doc add-on ensures your content is SEO friendly and meets your audience’s expectations on the go.

You can as well automate your content audits based on your own criteria, combining data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush. The platform helps you to quickly analyse your guest posts or any content published on third-party websites. Finally, it lets you find content promotional and backlink opportunities based on mention analysis.


Hubspot, also proves to be one of the best platforms in 2021.It is an inbound marketing tool that offers both a marketing hub and a tool for sales and customer service management. The marketing hub helps marketers create quality content, while the sales hub lets you target customers and manage your contact lists professionally.

Its marketing hub on the other hand provides tools that allow you to blog, and guide you in SEO, email, social media, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics. You can either integrate the software into your current website, or build your entire website on HubSpot as it acts as a content management system (CMS) as well.

The sales platform generates leads and gets in touch with prospective customers. It has various helpful options like calls, emails, scheduling meetings, appointments and creating to-do lists and keeps track of emails and calls for future use. It has a full-funnel marketing system which helps marketers build, administer and distribute emails with the help of their marketing tools and applications.


This platform does everything a regular CMP does, but is also a freelance marketplace where you can get the best freelance writers and editors suited to your needs. It allows you to search for journalists, influencers and bloggers within a certain budget and lets you request pitch ideas for articles, as well as see pitches for articles from freelancers.

It’s a really easy way for agencies, marketers and brands to connect with content writers.

Freelancers on ClearVoice have to submit their level of experience and qualification which allows the site to recommend them to marketers according to their needs.

ClearVoice is a perfect fit for online media companies but is also used in sales and marketing. The CMP accommodates most files such as images, videos and text and lets you gather all your data necessary for a project in one place an organize it. It has a handy collaborative editing feature that allows team members to edit each other’s work in real-time. Its filter options allow you to manage several campaigns at the same time without getting your data mixed up. Track the progress of your assignments and automate features such as follow-up emails to your freelancers or team members.

Brand 24

Brand24 is also one of the most powerful online monitoring tools available today. Its feature set includes Mentions Feed, a place to track what people are saying about your brand online; Discussion Volume Chart, a graphical interpretation of discussions about your brand that could lead to positive or negative publicity; Alerts that show when there’s a spike in brand mentions, blog visits, or any other specific metric. Having access to this much information only makes sense if you can do more with it. Brand24 offers exports and filtering capabilities to help you dig deeper into data.

Uber Suggest

Content marketing and SEO are inseparable. For more of your content to rank high in search, it’s got to be competitive, designed to engage, and be optimized. Ubersuggest helps bridge the gap between great content and SEO. It comes with a collection of features that help you find top-performing competitive content, provides SEO-related metrics, and shows backlinks and keywords.

Ubersuggest also goes a step further. Unpacking what makes competitive content rank higher is great, but what about tracking your site? To help, it offers premium users the chance to measure how well their site is performing. Through extensive SEO reports, you’ll get to see what SEO errors your site has, how it’s tracking for visits, keyword ranking, and more.

For Content Marketing Help, Consult Us