Content Marketing Platforms in 2021

The world of marketing has undergone a technical revolution. Hence, marketers’ ability to serve content directly to audiences has increased vastly. Platforms that enable marketers to deliver targeted messages, buy media programmatically, and automate distribution have changed the marketing landscape dramatically. Therefore there is a need for Content Marketing Platform to enables marketing organizations to centralize and streamline their upstream marketing processes from beginning to end, including planning and briefing to collaboration and approvals. Below is a description of the best content marketing platforms in 2021

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

 SEMrush Content Marketing is one of the best platforms in 2021.It covers the complete content marketing workflow from ideation to creation, optimization and measurement. The platform aims to help an entire content marketing team to create and execute a data-informed content strategy based on their audience’s needs. 

It also allows you to compile a content plan with great SEO potential by finding popular topics, headlines and questions. It lets you manage an editorial calendar and marketing activities with your colleagues and track your progress in one place. 

In addition, the platform generates briefs featuring actionable optimization tips based on your competition in search results. A handy Google doc add-on ensures your content is SEO friendly and meets your audience’s expectations on the go.

You can as well automate your content audits based on your own criteria, combining data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush. The platform helps you to quickly analyse your guest posts or any content published on third-party websites. Finally, it lets you find content promotional and backlink opportunities based on mention analysis.


Hubspot, also proves to be one of the best platforms in 2021.It is an inbound marketing tool that offers both a marketing hub and a tool for sales and customer service management. The marketing hub helps marketers create quality content, while the sales hub lets you target customers and manage your contact lists professionally.

Its marketing hub on the other hand provides tools that allow you to blog, and guide you in SEO, email, social media, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics. You can either integrate the software into your current website, or build your entire website on HubSpot as it acts as a content management system (CMS) as well.

The sales platform generates leads and gets in touch with prospective customers. It has various helpful options like calls, emails, scheduling meetings, appointments and creating to-do lists and keeps track of emails and calls for future use. It has a full-funnel marketing system which helps marketers build, administer and distribute emails with the help of their marketing tools and applications.


This platform does everything a regular CMP does, but is also a freelance marketplace where you can get the best freelance writers and editors suited to your needs. It allows you to search for journalists, influencers and bloggers within a certain budget and lets you request pitch ideas for articles, as well as see pitches for articles from freelancers.

It’s a really easy way for agencies, marketers and brands to connect with content writers.

Freelancers on ClearVoice have to submit their level of experience and qualification which allows the site to recommend them to marketers according to their needs.

ClearVoice is a perfect fit for online media companies but is also used in sales and marketing. The CMP accommodates most files such as images, videos and text and lets you gather all your data necessary for a project in one place an organize it. It has a handy collaborative editing feature that allows team members to edit each other’s work in real-time. Its filter options allow you to manage several campaigns at the same time without getting your data mixed up. Track the progress of your assignments and automate features such as follow-up emails to your freelancers or team members.

Brand 24

Brand24 is also one of the most powerful online monitoring tools available today. Its feature set includes Mentions Feed, a place to track what people are saying about your brand online; Discussion Volume Chart, a graphical interpretation of discussions about your brand that could lead to positive or negative publicity; Alerts that show when there’s a spike in brand mentions, blog visits, or any other specific metric. Having access to this much information only makes sense if you can do more with it. Brand24 offers exports and filtering capabilities to help you dig deeper into data.

Uber Suggest

Content marketing and SEO are inseparable. For more of your content to rank high in search, it’s got to be competitive, designed to engage, and be optimized. Ubersuggest helps bridge the gap between great content and SEO. It comes with a collection of features that help you find top-performing competitive content, provides SEO-related metrics, and shows backlinks and keywords.

Ubersuggest also goes a step further. Unpacking what makes competitive content rank higher is great, but what about tracking your site? To help, it offers premium users the chance to measure how well their site is performing. Through extensive SEO reports, you’ll get to see what SEO errors your site has, how it’s tracking for visits, keyword ranking, and more.

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