Reputation Management

Negativity can kill your business. Fun Media will build and protect your online reputation.

Did you know that a positive image implies more business conversions!

Fun Media will help you build a spotless online reputation.

The improvements in the technology have offered the users of the web with the ability to speak their minds. Despite this being a great thing for free speech, it also gives them an opportunity to create negativity online. The Fun Team reputation tool aims at building and maintaining a positive online reputation in the search results and also across the various social media channels. As we do this, we eliminate the power of negative coverage. This can be achieved by building your online presence across a number of different channels. These include press release distributors, web forums, and the common social media websites.

Hire our specialists today and get rid of negativity from your business. We will actively monitor the online reviews which will affect your clients. We will not sleep because the internet never sleeps either.

How we do it

  • Press releases

Fun Team will help you submit newsworthy press releases on your company’s behalf. We ensure that your press release is written in such a manner that it will prominently display in search engines.

  • Forums

We will search forums for any negativity. Our content writers will also create meaningful posts about your brand online.

  • Competitor Websites

The Fun Team will find out competitors who have negativity about your brand and suppress the negativity through all the channels available.

  • Social Media

We will manage your accounts for maximum visibility for positivity whenever social media is involved.

  • Site Reviews

We will write positive reviews on a different review websites which will help in producing positive results. These will further protect your online brand.

  • Blog Posts

The Fun Team will write and publish articles on your major and minor websites to get interesting positive stories about your brand in the search results.

Fun Media will help in building positive reviews for your brand.

It is vital to note that online reviews can be the biggest threat to your online reputation. Equally, it is also one of the best ways that you can use to build and maintain a positive brand image. We’ll help you do exactly that: transform your online reviews from being a liability to a powerful asset of your business.

The online reviews are great ways of giving the potential buyers a view of the benefits of your brand by communicating to them through the people you’ve served in the past. It can offer a compelling marketing tool.

Legal Framework

When there is need, we’ll connect you with the right legal experts who will make a case on your behalf for the removal of libelous statement.

Powerful Online Profiles for Visibility

The Fun Team will remove negativity from your brand by ensuring that you have an online presence in places that it matter. We will ensure that your business is registered on various business registries, social media sites and review sites to ensure you have a name.