Digital Marketing Services in Elgeyo Marakwet

One of Kenya’s 47 counties is Elgeyo-Marakwet County. The former Rift Valley Province is where Elgeyo Marakwet County is situated. Iten is both its capital and largest town. Having worked with small, medium, and large firms and also corporations in digital marketing, we believe that we can also help you grow your business. We have been in the digital marketing industry long enough to know what you need to turn things around.

Our digital marketing solutions include; Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Website Design & Development, Media Monitoring, Advertising, Photography & Videography.
So that you have fewer options, let me explain this to you in plain terms depending on what you could be looking at. If necessary, we can additionally quote you if you choose. This is where you should begin to grow your business;

Stage 1: Social media marketing
Social Media ranks top among the most influential platform for social networking and digital advertising. Business people build their brand image and sell their products through the platform. You can reach many people with a single post on social media within a few seconds and at a low cost;

Social Media Package
Ksh24,400/month( inclusive of;)
i. Facebook + Instagram + LinkedIn management
ii. Social Strategy
iii. Targeted ads
iv. Creative captions & copy (Design)
v. Goal-driven
vi. Content Calendar
vii. Report & Analysis
Ksh 15,000/ month
i. Facebook + Instagram + LinkedIn( Ksh 5,000 for each page depending on your preference)
ii. Social strategy
iii. Client will pay for ads services
iv. Creative captions & copy (Design)
v. Goal driven
vi. Report & Analysis
What is included in our digital marketing services;
⦁ Competitor Analysis
⦁ Generate organic social campaigns that are engaging
⦁ We create paid social media campaigns
⦁ Track Social Media Campaign
⦁ We Monitor and Manage your Social Reputation
⦁ Increase Traffic to Your Website

Stage 2: Search Engine Optimization
We have the best SEO services to give your website the visibility it deserves. We have worked with companies and ensured they rank top in the google search engine, increasing website traffic, calls, and lead generation.
Our SEO package;
BASIC SEO – Ksh 10,000/month
ADVANCED SEO- Ksh 14,000/month
ENTERPRISE SEO-Ksh 18,000/Month
For more information, visit Fun media SEO prices to see what we offer under each package.
N/B We recommend we do your SEO for a minimum of 3 months for better results.
Our SEO services;
⦁ Content Analysis
⦁ Off-page Analysis
⦁ On-page optimization services
⦁ Overview of competitors

Stage 3: Email marketing
Fun Media has collaborated with various companies where we have handled their email marketing; from their testimonials, it is evident that our team did the best job to boost their digital marketing bar. We are affordable, with negotiable prices and therefore, we are flexible to work with big businesses and startup businesses. We use updated email marketing technologies that allow bulk emails to be sent to prospects and customers; our technologies personalize the emails for efficient communication.
For more information, visit our email marketing services.

Stage 4: Search Engine Marketing
The strategy uses paid advertising to make your services or product visible on search engine result pages. Although other marketing strategies aim for a long-term result, such as SEO, you cannot compete on the internet with search engine marketing. It boasts all the effort you have put into acquiring traffic to your website and building your brand through digital marketing. For effective search engine marketing, you need to find professionals who understand every search engine detail.
Our Search engine services
i. Keyword research and analysis
ii. We Create Ads and Develop Landing Page
iii. Account Set-Up and Tracking
iv. Launch and Monitor Campaigns
v. Evaluation and Analysis

Are you ready to get started and boost your online presence through digital marketing? Visit our Contact Us page and let us help you.

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