Email Marketing Management Services at the Executive Level

We’ll handle your email marketing for you at Fun Media. We’ll take care of your campaigns and make sure your email content is top-notch so that users come to your site and buy your items and services. Content production and personalization are included in our email marketing management services, and we’ll assist you in selecting the campaign package that best suits your company’s needs and objectives.

Fun Media custom email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective web marketing tactics for increasing brand awareness, reminding people about your company, and keeping customers coming back for more. You must create a robust campaign that guarantees your subscribers receive the right information at the right time to get the most out of your email marketing approach.

We offer a variety of email marketing management services at Fun Media to help your business flourish by getting you into the mailbox of your target audience. Are you prepared to begin improving your email marketing campaign? Contact us online to speak with a knowledgeable strategist about not just enhancing your company’s email marketing but also increasing revenue from your campaign.

Fun Media does everything right, from customer service to product integrity, and the investment is well worth it; the amount of phone and email traffic we’ve been getting from potential customers, particularly those who “found us via web search,” has skyrocketed thanks to them, and that’s truly invaluable!”

Email Marketing Management Services by Fun Media

You’ll get a campaign and target plan, as well as creative theme creation, with every unique email strategy. In addition, we provide email design revisions, email coding, website sign-up installation, and A/B testing. A/B testing is essential for determining which subject lines result in the best open rate among recipients and for improving your campaign.

In addition, we’ll test your emails on 24 different email clients, disseminate them, and reduce your database list. It’s critical to test your emails so you can keep track of things like whether or not a user opens the email based on the subject line, how users interact with your emails, and so on.

In addition, we provide a semi-managed email marketing service. This is ideal for organizations who currently have their email content in place but need some assistance with analytics and enhancing subject lines, buttons, and other elements.

Fun Media Email Marketing Services

7 reasons why email marketing is beneficial to your company

When you use Fun Media’s email marketing services, you’re utilizing one of the most powerful and successful digital marketing channels available. You may have heard that email marketing is losing traction or that it isn’t as effective as other forms of digital marketing. But nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the most cost-effective and beneficial digital marketing tactics accessible is email marketing. It allows you to engage with your audience, remind them of upcoming events, and promote special deals, among other things.

  1. A lot of people check their email.

Indeed, 89% of Kenyans check their email at least once a day. That implies that if you use email marketing to reach out to your audience, you’ll be meeting them where they already are – in their inboxes. It’s plain sense to send messages to your target audience that they’ll see, and their inbox is a great place to do it.

  • Inspire your followers to shop at your store.

You may also use email to encourage people to come to your store and make a purchase. You can encourage your subscribers to visit your physical store by informing them about in-store events and offers. This will not only allow you to communicate with your consumers face-to-face, but it will also allow them to see your products in person and possibly make a purchase.

  •  Encourage visitors to your website from your subscribers.

You can still utilize emails to attract people to visit your website if you don’t have a physical location. You’ll get more website traffic from your email campaign if you make it easy for subscribers to travel from the email to your website with buttons and links throughout the email. Website traffic is vital since the more people who visit your site, the more brand awareness you’ll have and the more conversions you’ll have.

  •  Personalize your emails to appeal to your subscribers.

Email is also a wonderful way to demonstrate your subscribers that you value their input. How do you go about doing that?  Personalization. Target personalization, according to 74 percent of marketers, boosts customer engagement. This makes sense, because personalization appeals to the subscriber’s personal interests based on previous purchases, sites visited, and other factors.

Instead of making it appear like a generic, mass email, you might start by utilizing the subscriber’s name when personalizing an email. When a user sees their name in an email, they know it was written only for them.

Personalize the subject line, which has been shown to boost the likelihood of people opening the email by 26%. You may even tailor the email content to each individual recipient depending on what they’ve looked for on your site, what they’ve added to their cart, and previous transactions. You might recommend related products, remind them about an item they left in their cart, or inform them that the item is still available.

  •  Email marketing offers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any digital technique.

ROI stands for return on investment, and it essentially shows you how much profit you generate for every dollar you spend on advertising, marketing, materials, or any other business expense. Email marketing has a 4400 percent return on investment, which implies that for every $1 you spend on an email marketing campaign, you’ll generate $44 in profit. With such a high return on investment, there’s no reason you shouldn’t implement an email marketing campaign for your company.

  • Emails have a high click-through rate.

An increased website click is one of the aims of every digital marketing campaign. You want to do everything you can to attract people to visit your website, whether it’s through a Facebook post, a button on your website, or a Yelp link. When compared to tweets, emails have a six-fold higher click-through rate.

  • Conversions are aided by email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital strategies for driving conversions. Email marketing, in fact, generates more conversions than any other channel, including search engine marketing and social media marketing. Conversions are what make your business money at the end of the day, and they’re one of the indicators that may help you figure out how healthy and well-run your company is. Your firm won’t be able to stay viable without conversions, and email marketing is a terrific approach to enhance your sales numbers.

Why should I outsource my email marketing management to an agency?

There are a few factors to think about when selecting whether or not to engage an email marketing management service.

Is there anyone on your staff who is familiar with email marketing?

When deciding whether or not to retain your email marketing in-house, one of the most crucial factors to consider is whether or not anyone on your team has prior email marketing experience.

It’s critical to have an expert working on your campaign to ensure that it’s as beneficial and effective as possible – there’s a lot that goes into email marketing, from automation to content to personalization. You won’t get the same outcomes if you hire just anyone for the task as you would with an agency.

If you don’t have someone on your team and wish to recruit a freelancer in-house, you can end up wasting a lot of money. You’ll have to give them a wage and provide them with all of the materials they’ll need to build the greatest possible email marketing campaign for your company.

Consider this before deciding to do your own email marketing.

Many small business entrepreneurs handle everything themselves, including bookkeeping, payroll, and content development. However, if you want to perform your email marketing in-house and learn how to do it, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is there any spare time in my schedule for me to learn more about email marketing?
  2. Is email marketing something I’m passionate about enough to devote my full attention to?
  3. Do I have enough time to run an email marketing campaign after I learn about it?
  4. Do I have enough time to contact potential customers?
  5. Do I have enough time to keep in touch with my present clients?

These are all fair and crucial issues to think about before diving into email marketing on your own. If you answered “no” to both of these questions, it’s time to start looking for an email marketing management service that can help you. Why should you engage a marketing firm? There are a few compelling reasons for this.

They have a good understanding of what they’re doing.

Agencies specialize in email marketing management for their clients, which means they have the time and resources to be experts in the sector. Your job is to manage your company, and an agency’s duty is to provide you with excellent email marketing services, which they do. Their days are spent conversing with clients, learning new strategies, and staying current in the market. They work at an agency for a reason, and it’s because they’re excellent at what they do.

Not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about your campaign if you employ an agency made up of specialists. They take care of everything for you while also teaching you how to do things. Over 450 marketing specialists work for Fun Media, and they know how to create the best content for your emails, run your campaign, and continuously report on the outcomes. We’ve generated over 7.8 million leads for our clients because we’re so good at what we do. Instead of remaining late to work on your email marketing campaign, you can finally go home and eat supper with your family after a long day at work.

They take care of everything for you.

An email marketing management agency will provide you with everything you need to build the perfect email campaign when you employ them. That implies they usually provide the content, email design, automated distribution, and other services.

We provide monthly email content production, a marketing plan, email coding, subject line split testing, and much more at Fun Media. Depending on your preferences, we’ll also send out your emails, set up your landing sites, and give monthly or quarterly lead generation data.

They provide a variety of email choices.

Did you aware that there are numerous types of email campaigns? Each is appropriate for a different situation and target demographic, and most email marketing firms will provide a variety of possibilities.

Segmenting your email campaigns, for example, implies sending different emails to different segments of your audience. This could imply sending one group of emails to subscribers who have previously purchased from you and another batch to those who have not. Batches could be sent to people in different time zones or who are interested in different parts of your store.

Leads can be nurtured with drip email campaigns until they convert. Each email is sent at the right time in the marketing cycle, with content designed to persuade subscribers to convert at every point of the funnel.

They’ll update you on the status of your campaign.

Most email marketing management companies also offer email analytics. This is critical if you want to improve the content, design, or approach of your emails on a regular basis. Your email marketer can use analytics to provide you with information like the open rate of an email if a user clicked a link in the email and other useful data that can help you decide how to change your approach if it’s not performing as well as it should.

Why is Fun Media regarded as one of the most effective email marketing management firms?

What makes Fun Media stand out among the many email marketing management service providers?

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics that distinguish us.

We provide clear pricing.

We feel that knowing if we’re the appropriate fit for you depends in large part on your budget. How can you tell if we’re the proper email marketing firm for you if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting for the money?

We want to be transparent with our present and new clients about our price so that you know exactly what you’re getting, how much you’re spending, and how to plan your budget.

Email testing is something we offer.

With our emails, we want you to have the most interaction, the highest open rate, and the best possibility of conversion. That’s why, before sending your emails to your list of subscribers, we test them. We want to make sure we’ve written your email correctly and in a way that your recipients will comprehend.

We do copywrite for you.

Your landing pages will be designed and implemented by us.

You can relax if you thought you’d have to write the content for your emails. All of the custom copywriting for your emails will be written by Fun Media. That way, all you have to do is sit back and watch the conversions come in.

When your subscribers click a link in your email, they are routed to a landing page. A landing page could promote a certain product or provide further information about one of your services. The goal of a landing page is to encourage the user to convert, thus it’s critical to pay attention to detail and include all of the necessary information. We’ll develop and implement your landing pages for you at Fun Media, so you don’t have to.

Your subject lines will be split testing.

As previously stated, it is our responsibility to ensure that your emails work to their full potential. This entails conducting tests on various areas of your emails to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The open rate of your email is crucial, and the subject line can determine whether or not someone opens it. We’ll make sure to split test your subject line to see which one performs best and receives the most opens.

Your campaign will be managed by us.

You don’t have to worry about managing your email marketing campaign with Fun Media. Every package includes free online campaign project management so you can focus on what you do best: operating your business. However, if you only want a partially managed campaign, we can do that as well! You’ll write the copy for the partially managed campaigns.

Do you require the services of an email marketing Management Company?

If all of this knowledge on email marketing has piqued your interest, you’re on your way to launching a campaign for your own company. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate website clicks, raise brand awareness, and stay top-of-mind with current and potential customers.

Do they like the way you phrase your subject lines? Do they consistently click the links in your emails? What products do they purchase? With practice, you’ll be able to create the ideal target audience persona and fine-tune your targeting even further. Don’t worry if this sounds daunting; we’re here to assist you.

One of the top in the industry is Fun Media. Our clients have received over $3 billion in sales and 7.8 million leads as a result of our efforts. We treat our clients as members of our family, and their objectives become our objectives. We’ll work with you to design the ideal, personalized email marketing management campaign for your company, and we’ll make sure it works flawlessly to provide you the results you want.

We’ll always be upfront about our prices so you know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re getting for your money.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account representative who will be your point of contact for all of your queries and issues. They’ll assist you in better understanding your email marketing campaign, how it works, the results it generates, and how to enhance it in the future.

Check out our over 785 client testimonies, as well as the numerous accolades we’ve received over the years, to discover how other clients feel about your work. We’re a full-service digital marketing business based in Harrisburg, PA, but we have choices for you if you live on the east coast or in the south. We can’t wait to create a wonderful business alliance with you and use email marketing to drive results for your company, no matter where you are. If you’d like to combine our email marketing services with one or more other marketing strategies to boost your company’s marketing power, try one of our other services, such as:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a (search engine optimization)

PPC (Pay per Click) (pay-per-click advertising)

Marketing on social media

Marketing with content

Management of one’s reputation

Web development and design

Infographics made to order

Production of video

We’ll be pleased to put together a personalized solution that meets your company’s exact requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Email Marketing Management Services

Are you interested in finding out more about email marketing management services for your company? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of using email marketing management services?

Professional services that create, implement, and track email marketing campaigns are known as email marketing management services. Strategy formulation, copywriting, email design, reporting, and other services are examples of deliverables for email marketing management services.

What are the costs of email marketing management services?

The cost of email marketing management services is determined by a number of factors, including the frequency with which you send emails, the email marketing agency you choose, and more. Email marketing management services are typically priced between $300 and $500 per month. Request a personalized quote for the most accurate cost.

What’s the next stage in the process?

If you’d like to learn more about our services, you can request a free quotation online or call us at 0710 245 321 to talk with an expert. We’re excited to hear from you and help you grow your business through email marketing!

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