About Us

Fun Media is an online brand management firm with the highly trained professionals proficient in Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Website Design and Media Monitoring.

Why it is important to maintain your online presence

  • Helps to manage competition
  • Increases your brand visibility
  • Makes your brand remain relevant

How we help your firm achieve the desired results.

  1. Create your online brand image:

  • websites, blogs; SEO, Speed Optimization, Full Analytics
  • social media accounts; likes, comments, sharing, improve page activity

These are key in improving your search engine ranking.

  1. Monitoring your online reputation
    It’s important to know what people are saying about your business. This is done by using the different monitoring tools available.

Some of the tools we use include Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Brand Connect, Social Mention, Sprout Social

  1. Manage your online reputation

  • Dealing with negative reviews
  • Engage those who post negative content
  • Maintain positive truthful positions with the online audience.
  • Thank those who contributed positive reviews.

  1. Engage your employees because brand management starts with the employees.

Online brand management should be the major focus for serious marketers because it has far-reaching business consequences that will lead to either the success or the failure of an organization. Online brand management can also be referred to as Online Reputation Management, which can be described as coming up with ideas or strategies which can influence the public’s perception of the organization. It can also help in forming an opinion about an organizations products and services. It is also critical in this era of information age where customers give their views online. For you to succeed, customer satisfaction is key.

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