Selling Online in Kenya

Selling online entails doing business and opening shops in online platforms which has recently emerged to be the most profitable way to the entrepreneurs while doing business. It is a flexible technique of doing business because customers can buy the products at any time when they require them. Online selling widens markets of doing business because individuals who are overseas can as well be reached. For one to begin an online shop, one has to consider his business idea and business gap in the online platforms. This can be achieved by doing a survey on the online business and noting the major gaps. Once an individual has entered into online business, there exist some of the techniques that one has to consider so as to be successful in his business. Fun Media provides various techniques that has the ability of making the online selling be successful.

Fun Media and Online selling

Fun Media will help in the promotion and advertisement of the online business in efficient ways which will make the online business to thrive successfully among other competing online business. Therefore, Fun Media emerges to the best promoting company that deals with the online business. This comes after it was realised by various other online entrepreneurs and other companies of the services it offered when promoting the business online. Fun Media uses various online tools accompanied with personalised messages to reach the targeted audience. The aim of the company while offering the services is to create a long term relationship with customers.

The following services are done by Fun Media when promoting the business online.

  • Fun Media creates newsletter for any information that is connected with the line of the business one is doing
  • The company manages all the online feedback and reviews for the customers
  • The company posts information regarding the business you are dealing in various online platforms.
  • Engagement with customers in various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn is as well done so as to promote the business online.

Fun Media encourages the entrepreneur who are dealing with the online business to follow the follow tips while selling their products online.

  • Registered business names should be displayed as this will increase the confident of legitimacy of the business by the customers.
  • Maintain the information concerning the business up to date on the websites or the platforms used for the advertisement
  • Correct and accurate images representing the products dealt in should be correctly used
  • Provision of the information regarding how they can be contacted by the customers. The information provided should be brief and easy to understand by the customers.
  • Provide quick feedback to the complaints and queries from the customers
  • Be in a position of advising customers in case there is a delay in order delivery
  • Privacy and security policy of the business should as well be provided as this will make the customers to feel more secure when in the business

Entrepreneurs dealing in online business should always provide brief and clear information concerning the type and line of the business they are running

Fun Media offers various services in online business that can help improve the online business. Feel free to Contact Fun Media to help your online business be successful.


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