Hello there. You are probably reading this because you are considering getting digital marketing assistance in Mombasa town or its environs.  Are you a Mombasa resident? Is your business based in Mombasa and you want to settle on a reliable digital marketing agency to trust your business with? Well, look no further. We have your best interests at heart.

Introducing to you Fun Media Digital Marketing Agency. We excel and have prowess in the following key digital Marketing areas.

  1. Website Design and Development Services

 Our team of experts design highly responsive, user friendly and SEO ready websites in under 24 hours.  We give domain name solutions too;, .com,, .org and more are all available. All our websites are optimized for mobile, have excellent display of contact details and also have clear call to action buttons. Further, we offer website hosting services and our rates are incredibly affordable compared to the others in the market.

  • Social Media Marketing Services.

We have helped hundreds of our clients manage their businesses digitally by managing all their social media pages.  From posting both created and curated content on scheduled dates, to replying to comments and messages to helping in leads conversion. We basically give your business a strong social media presence, uphold your company’s social media culture, and market your products while at it.

Our most used social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • SEO Services.

Fun Media also offers Search Engine Optimization services. Basically, this is helping business pages to rank on the first page of Google. You know how people casually say that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google? Haha. Because no one would ever find out about it anyway. Well, statistics show that 93% of searchers never go past the first page of Google when searching for results online.

With this in mind, we help businesses to rank on the much coveted Google’s first page. We make your business discoverable every time customers search for information regarding the type of products and services you offer. In the end, you, our customer is able to drive quality and qualified traffic your way.

  • SEM Services.

SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing whereby we help you rank for relevant keywords for as low as $1.

The best thing about fun media is that we also gives you a chance to learn all of these services if you wish to practice them on your business all by yourself.

  •  Other Services
  • Photography and videography

Should you ever need good business photos to showcase your products, we got you. We capture immaculately good pictures and have the best video displays in town.

  • Graphic Design

Fun media also specializes in production of Logos, Calendars, pens, T shirts and posters.

These come in handy for organizations that are keen on elevating their brand in the face of their customers.

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