15 Content Marketing Tools in 2021

A content marketing Platform is basically a software solution that aids marketing organizations to streamline and centralize their upstream marketing processes from the start to the end.

Below is a list of those that I feel are the best to use in 2021 but in no particular order.


This one enables you explore new content and also discover search volumes for keyword. Also has an SEO Writing assistant that helps figure out how well optimized the content is. Moreover, this tool enables you track measure results, mentions as well as helping you improve and analyze your content.


StoryChief enables you manage, create and publish multi-channel content. In a nutshell, it enables you to integrate content from various platforms and distribute it amongst multiple channels.


Helps you with Customer Relation Management (CRM) and also with sales. Marketers create quality content, manage their content lists efficiently amid targeting customers. Also has an enabled funnel-marketing system which helps marketers build, administer and distribute emails with the help of their marketing applications and tools.


This a SEO tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas. It has a powerful content ideas tool that allows you to see what other people in your niche are writing about.


Offers social media, brand and content management. Its campaign and planning management features effectively coordinates content marketing across all channels, markets and teams. Also helps with marketing analysis and has a tool that helps you improve on your content marketing strategy.


It’s a data science technology that helps users create quality content. Has a SaaS platform that uses big data to help you improve campaign management, live events, content syndication and in-venue engagement. Also helps businesses manage their content life cycle from planning, creating all through to measuring the impact.

Hemingway Editor.

This is a wonderful proofreading and word processing tool that helps editors and writers construct sentences that are concise and clear. It points out adverbs that are used inappropriately and highlights sentences that contains passive voice by use of color codes for easy identification of errors.


Curata is a content curation software service that helps you discover top content and can conduct an audit on demand. It analyzes the impact of your content marketing and sales pipeline and can help you streamline your content production process and build a content supply chain.


SnapApp’s drag-and-drop interface helps users create different kinds of interactive content without using any coding. The software service helps with deployment management, production and performance analysis of your content. It also allows for one to perform A/B testing to analyze the impact of different designs.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

With Portent’s Content Idea generator, you just need to enter keywords or subject that you want ideas on and the algorithm provides you with different ideas. This makes it one of the simplest tools to help with generation of content ideas.


This is a content marketing platform that studies the content consumption pattern of the users and delivers specific individualized content experiences across channels. Using its data-driven content intelligence, it helps you analyze your content strategy.


This is a top content activation and insight platform that enables you find out how yow your audience engages with your content. PathFactory can help you deliver personalized experiences to enhance lead generation, user engagement and lead nurturing.


This platform is AI powered and it is focused on delivering quality content. It uses a unique linguistic analytics engine that reads content and provides guidance. It supports the content creation ecosystem from guiding writers, defining your goals to measuring performance. Acrolinx can also help you improve your content marketing strategy.


Coschedule helps you consolidate content marketing, social media management, publishing and editorial planning all under one roof.


BuzzSumo is a high ranking content curation tool that prides itself in strong analytics.  It helps content marketers analyze the best performing content in their chosen niche.  It has an advanced social search engine that analyzes the most shared content to help content creators create high ranking content. It can also help you find top influencers in your niche to connect with them.

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