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Instagram marketing tips in Kenya

There are millions of advertisers using Instagram every day to engage their consumers, sell their products, popularize their brands, and advertise vacancies, among many more aspects of marketing. Businesses are increasingly looking to boost their businesses and brand images by making the best of Instagram. In this article, we look at the various Instagram marketing tips that Kenyan firms can consider to catapult them in the increasingly digitized Kenyan market.

Instagram advertisements

First, it is prudent to know the various ads that are available on Instagram. There are five formats of ads on Instagram. They include photos, videos, story ads, carousels, and canvas story ads.

Apart from the five main formats, Instagram is also integrated with Facebook, and with this, one can readily tap into the massive consumer base on Facebook. This integration can also assist marketers in making targeted advertisements to their audiences in both or either platforms.

Tips for Kenyan businesses

Instagram Bio as an ad space

Instagram allows you, as a marketer or otherwise Instagram user, to use up to 150 characters to express yourself in the bio section of your Instagram handle. It also allows you to add a link on your profile- with this; you can insert a web link to your website or even an e-commerce store.

Just like in every online marketing, the first 10 seconds somebody spends on your Instagram profile determines whether they keep looking at your posts or move on. As thus, you must make the best of your profile and have it as exciting, captivating, and engaging as possible.

Track your profile traffic

As you gain traffic to your profile, you need to track the click metrics for your marketing campaigns. As a marketer, you need to understand your social media insights as these will help you ascertain the effectiveness of your profile.

There are another of free link shorteners online, all you need is to pick the one that is easiest to use for you.

Instagram hashtags and trends

To gain free traffic for your brand and increase the reach of your ads, you need to take advantage of the thousands using varied hashtags on Instagram.

To find out what is trending in the online community, you can use Instagram explorer.

Apart from the hashtags, you can also tap into the exciting trend on Ins6agram of using search emojis. You can pick emojis on Instagram and use them to not only make your posts attractive and appealing to the users but also to boost your reach as well.

Mixing videos and photos

Instagram is a perfect place to share images and videos, mainly because it was designed for visual storytelling. When you mix your photos with videos, you improve your online engagement rates and even your online reputation.

While at it, remember that brand authenticity is vital, and to maintain it, you need to have a unique balance between your images and videos.

Share-worthy posts

In social media, virality is an important aspect, particularly for marketers. You need to have posts that are captivating and can increase engagement with your audience while at the same time maintaining your brand ideology.

The posts should be share-worthy, and a good hint would be to insert relevant hashtags and trending comments to get maximum visibility and engagement.

Sponsored ads

Instagram allows marketers to sponsor their ads. In some way, this adds a new dimension for marketing businesses and enhances reach for posts and contents. When you sponsor a post, it is made visible to a wide range of users. Additionally, Instagram allows you to set specific geographic locations where you want your ad to be more visible.

The Instagram marketing tips shared herein are only partly discussed. You can get even grow your brand and gain more insights into social media marketing by seeking consultancy services at Fun Media.





Selling Online in Kenya

Selling online entails doing business and opening shops in online platforms which has recently emerged to be the most profitable way to the entrepreneurs while doing business. It is a flexible technique of doing business because customers can buy the products at any time when they require them. Online selling widens markets of doing business because individuals who are overseas can as well be reached. For one to begin an online shop, one has to consider his business idea and business gap in the online platforms. This can be achieved by doing a survey on the online business and noting the major gaps. Once an individual has entered into online business, there exist some of the techniques that one has to consider so as to be successful in his business. Fun Media provides various techniques that has the ability of making the online selling be successful.

Fun Media and Online selling

Fun Media will help in the promotion and advertisement of the online business in efficient ways which will make the online business to thrive successfully among other competing online business. Therefore, Fun Media emerges to the best promoting company that deals with the online business. This comes after it was realised by various other online entrepreneurs and other companies of the services it offered when promoting the business online. Fun Media uses various online tools accompanied with personalised messages to reach the targeted audience. The aim of the company while offering the services is to create a long term relationship with customers.

The following services are done by Fun Media when promoting the business online.

  • Fun Media creates newsletter for any information that is connected with the line of the business one is doing
  • The company manages all the online feedback and reviews for the customers
  • The company posts information regarding the business you are dealing in various online platforms.
  • Engagement with customers in various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn is as well done so as to promote the business online.

Fun Media encourages the entrepreneur who are dealing with the online business to follow the follow tips while selling their products online.

  • Registered business names should be displayed as this will increase the confident of legitimacy of the business by the customers.
  • Maintain the information concerning the business up to date on the websites or the platforms used for the advertisement
  • Correct and accurate images representing the products dealt in should be correctly used
  • Provision of the information regarding how they can be contacted by the customers. The information provided should be brief and easy to understand by the customers.
  • Provide quick feedback to the complaints and queries from the customers
  • Be in a position of advising customers in case there is a delay in order delivery
  • Privacy and security policy of the business should as well be provided as this will make the customers to feel more secure when in the business

Entrepreneurs dealing in online business should always provide brief and clear information concerning the type and line of the business they are running

Fun Media offers various services in online business that can help improve the online business. Feel free to Contact Fun Media to help your online business be successful.


Social Media Marketing in Nairobi-why Fun Media is the Best

Why Fun Media is your best social media marketing partner in Nairobi

Why Fun Media is the best option for your Social Media Marketing partner in Nairobi

Social media marketing increases business exposure irrespective of who you are selling to or what you are selling according to 99% of marketers. Social media, as a tool, helps grow brands and pads wallets.  Fun Media manages your social media, Fun Media comes in right here to ensure you make the best out of your social media.

Social media, as real as it is, has a massive market for all, to sell and buy. As thus, social media is one of the most potent tools to engage clients through social marketing. Fun Media creates and builds social media pages. It also assists in managing existing pages, generates content as well as promotes Ads.

Fun Media is unique owing to its Nairobian pedigree and its deep understanding of digital media. At Fun Media, we understand that the mobile is the primary medium through which people connect and engage one another.

Drive traffic to your business

Fun Media will assist your company to grow and develop to the next level. Through execution of dynamic social media marketing strategies, Fun Media will help drive the right traffic to your business. It will also assist you in identifying what resonates well with your target audience. Fun Media offers social media marketing services and social media management services. The core competency being creating awareness and driving traffic to your business and increasing conversions and sales.

Understanding your target

At Fun Media we not only help you grow your business, but we also exploit your social media space. We help you have a deeper understanding of your audience. At Fun Media, we understand that social media marketing is a useful tool in interaction. As thus, we have our attention centered on that. Fun Media manages your social media presence alongside giving reports of your interactions and engagements. This is in a bid of gaining insight into the day to day lives and behaviours of your clientele. Without a doubt, these insights are a marketing benefit.

Efficiently handling social media marketing yields a deep understanding of your customers. In turn, you get to know how to tailor your services or products to meet the specific needs of your real-time clients. Alongside helping you understand your audience, you also get to know their pain-points and accordingly improve your sales conversions and refine your strategies.

Enhance your customer service

Most social media management consultancies do not go the extra mile of handling your customer service. At Fun Media, you are covered. Social media is vital customer service and as thus, quick responses are crucial. In most cases, clients expect to reach out to you instantly through social media. If they are raising a concern, they, in turn, expect a quick solution. Studies have revealed that clients are willing to pay more for services and products when the response time is as prompt.

Clients reward businesses that respond to their requests and complaints promptly. Not every company is capable of meeting this goal, let’s be frank, but at Fun Media, we make this a reality. Ensuring you have a strong and engaging social media marketing presence is what Fun Media lives for. This, in turn, helps you to keep your customers happy, and your public image positive.

Are you ready to catapult your business ahead of your competition? See your traffic soar? Don’t hesitate, give us a call and we will get you on the path to greatness.

Finding the best Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

Finding the best Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

If you are considering establishing a strong partnership with a digital marketing agency, do not let yourself get overwhelmed by the many not-so-good providers. How do you identify the best provider? Flexibility, diverse portfolio, a proper understanding of digital and a team dedicated to strategy and optimization. Fun Media stands out as one of the few agencies that assure all these benefits.

Fun Media is here to help you build your online presence and make the best out of your online audience. It offers the perfect solutions to the digital concerns of your business, be it a small or medium enterprise.  Fun Media establishes a voice for your organization online and shares content that is guaranteed to generate positive results for your brand.

Why Fun Media stands out as the to-go-to digital marketing includes:

Dedication to strategy and optimization

The team at Fun Media is agile and robust. They ensure your campaigns are actively monitored. They also efficiently advise you on the need to adjust your strategies depending on the performance of your marketing. With Fun Media, you don’t have to worry about when your targeting, frequency, and targeting need adjustments!

Assured higher online ranking

Fun media understands the logic behind making your brand rank higher in Search Engines such as Google. Using that understanding, Fun Media guarantees to make your digital brand more natural to find particularly by potential clients.

Flexibility to reach any audience

There are times when your marketing strategy require that you reach out to a broader audience. Fun Media provides you with the options to ensure to reach your audience, targeted or not.

Stronger brand

Fun Media understands that having unified digital assets gives you an edge when it comes to building a stronger online brand. In handling your digital marketing, Fun Media incorporates blogs, social media handles, and your website. It also ensures that these platforms have an elaborate description that makes it easy for your clients to identify with you. Having a unified digital footprint sees to it that you have a stronger brand.

Diverse product portfolio

Irrespective of the performance of your digital marketing tactics, it is sensible to invest in a partnership with a company that boasts access to an extensive collection of digital marketing products. Fun Media comes on board with an array of products that you can manipulate and layer on top when appropriate. We are talking about targeted audience options and offline premiums.

Improved tracking

By majoring on optimization, Fun Media gives you the privilege to track your online marketing. They handle the accurate collecting of statistics of information with your page visitors and social media followers. Fun Media employs proper use of social media marketing campaigns including hashtags to ensure you get a wealth of data with which to improve your campaigns and brand performance. This way, you get to know how to serve your online audience best and maintain your brand visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO in short, is also a vital aspect in digital marketing for brands. SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of one’s online traffic to their website through optimization techniques. Fun Media works with competitive business, in Kenya, to reach out to their targets. By employing SEO, Fun Media ensures that brands have a competitive edge online.

At Fun Media, you are guaranteed of getting the best returns for your marketing investment. Fun Media employs detailed analytics that guides their approach in digital marketing by identifying the areas that need work and those that need to be maintained.

Fun Media is here to help you develop your marketing strategy in line with your customer insights and goals. We are here and ready to talk to you about our diverse portfolio and excellent client strategy alongside support teams. Contact us.

Looking for Social Media Strategies?

At Fun Media, we will create great social media strategies that you can apply to compliment your other marketing strategies.

Our Social Strategies can be used by even those who do not know the hooks and nooks of Social Media Marketing.

Reach out today to us via to get the your social strategy.

Website designers in Nairobi

Being a good website designer implies that you have to know the nooks and the hooks of designing a website. Fun Media website design team understand all that is required of them to make responsive websites. The following are some of the factors we put into consideration during our designs to ensure that we are the best website designers in Nairobi.

Clean Designs

Fun Media designers make web pages that are clean, crisp, and professionally looking. Moreover, we always ensure that the layout as well as the navigation is very simple while at the same time very effective. By clean, we also mean that we are very thorough in whatever activity that we engage ourselves in. We ensure that the images we use are of the right pixel.

Easy to Update Website

Our websites can easily be updated even by the people who are not tech savvy.  

Fun Media designers know Modern Technology

Every day, new technologies emerge. It is therefore important that the web designers learn to acquaint themselves with the new and latest technology. Fun Media will make sleek looking websites that follow the w3 Consortium guidelines. We also use HTML and CSS that are compatible with a majority of the browsers.


Our web designers are very creative. We always learn. Without creativity, there is nothing that one can develop. Creativity is a major factor that Fun Media web designers beats all their competitors.


Our web pages that we make are coded for the Search Engine Optimization it maximize the website search engine indexing statistics.

What are the features of a good website?

Search Engine Optimized
Easy to update
Clean design
Modern Technology

What factors do you consider when designing a website?

The major factor to consider when designing a website are the users of the website.