Importance of videos in Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing

The use of social media marketing has greatly increased in the recent years, due to the high number of consumers it reaches and they are able to engage in conversations. Through social media marketing, most companies are can communicate with their consumers at a cheaper cost than most of the other marketing strategies. .The social media platforms that one can use for social marketing include; Twitter, instagram, Facebook, Link in, pinterest, tik tok etc.

Importance of Vides in social Marketing

A video is a great way of sharing and gaining information. It’s easier to capture more attention using a video than when one is tasked to read a lot of literature. A video also saves time as there is no typing and corrections to be done. Today over 5 Billion videos are watched daily on YouTube. This shows how much one needs to have a good marketing plan to stand out, it’s therefore important to maintain originality in content creation for great results.

Another importance of videos in social media marketing is because 95 % can be retained once viewed while only 10 % is retained after reading. In areas where one is making videos for non-profit e.g. Charity work, when people view it on video they are likely to take action. Age is another factor that needs to be considered in video social marketing. Most millennial and men can only be captured through videos because they spend 40 % of their time watching social media videos.

A video in social marketing also gives one an opportunity to tell a story before selling a product which helps to create emotional connection between the consumer and seller. Video marketing also helps different brands to show who they are and where they are headed, this helps the company to build trust with the viewers.

Use of Videos in social marketing also allows one to test different tones, styles and narrations with different audiences making it the most effective compared to other types of marketing. Videos can also be included in the company’s website to communicate what they do which helps to get the viewer’s attention, using videos in social marketing helps one to be competitive in the market. This allows continuous communication with the audience in their new updates and getting feedback. Videos tend to capture the attention of the audience and so end up spending more time on the company’s page.

Video Marketing on social media creates fun, attention and closeness between the seller and consumer and they are able to understand exactly what the products are. Once the seller builds trust through the video marketing, clients will be more consistent and act as ambassadors for the brand to other people. It’s very important to consider quality, honesty and transparency when creating this marketing videos. This helps one to remain a longer time in business and also maintain high competition with the other brands. One should avoid focusing only on profits but majorly on the future of the business.

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Importance of videos in Social Media Marketing
A video is a great way of sharing and gaining information. It’s easier to capture more attention using a video than when one is tasked to read a lot of literature.
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