Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

In 2021, the digital marketing trends seem to be determined by general humanization (addressing real issues and tailoring content to suit the individual) and a much more mechanical and technical optimization (fine tuning behind the scenes areas like SEO and how one structure campaigns.) Any online marketing be it through email, blogging, social media and pay-per-click advertising is referred to as digital marketing. Below are three powerful digital marketing trends to take to heart as we begin the year 2021 as it will give you advantage over your competition.

  1. Visual Search for Video and Image SEO

We all know that by typing in keywords, one can search for videos and images. But did you know that you can use original photos and search for context or submit existing images for the search? Have no worries as this SEO digital marketing trend technique will be of great help to your brand. As more people discover such digital marketing search techniques it changes the SEO landscape generally.

One can apply the following basics when conducting video and image SEO campaign and want to make sure it is on tip-top shape:

  • Create an image sitemap that is dedicated.
  • Include alt text in the description of the image.
  • Use HD quality on the images.
  • On the name of your image be sure to include target SEO keywords.
  • If you are an e-commerce brand, get to know more about Google lens.

When one handles this SEO digital marketing techniques better, it can take traffic away from competitors when shoppers conduct image searches.

  • More Interactive Content

Interactive content is a digital marketing trend that improves users’ enjoyment and promotes more engagement. It has been a digital marketing trend for a while but now it’s recognized as best practice in digital marketing.

Interactive content such as contests, giveaways, surveys and polls always upgrades your user experience, increase the length of time the user engages with you and this helps your standing in algorithm based feeds and searches. This digital marketing trend allows users to feel more personal connection to the brand and have their opinion heard. Interactive content as a form of digital marketing trend is also used to collect information on user preferences such as on which improvements to make on the product or site of the brand.

  •   Old is Gold

If you’re yet to implement the many digital marketing trends then there’s more need now than ever before as not all of the best digital marketing trends are from 2021. Some ongoing digital marketing trends from last year include:

  • Voice Search SEO- try to alter your SEO strategy to incorporate speech keywords.
  • Posts that are Shoppable- Always make your social media posts to directly connect users to product checkout to maximize conversions by streamlining payment process.

For more digital marketing trends to watch out for this 2021 always make sure to keep checking my blog so as to be up-to-date on digital marketing trends yet to come.

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