Social Media Marketing Trends you Should Know in 2021

When it comes to social media marketing, change is a constant. It is inevitable. The tactics and strategies that worked perfectly well this year are soon going to struggle to deliver. In 2021, employing the same social media marketing approach you used in 2020 is not good. There are key social media marketing trends that you must now consider for you to succeed in 2021.

Personalized Influencer Marketing

While the norm has been to use popular internet users with hundreds of thousands of followers to leverage as influencers, now, businesses are turning to people with much smaller social media following. Businesses are now seeking to reach a targeted audience with a voice they can trust. Influencer marketing has become more personalized. Audiences prefer to trust other consumer recommendations over corporate.

More of Live Videos

While videos have been a vital in digital marketing in 2020, the trend is going to continue to 2020. According to viewing habits, consumers on social media are spending more time on videos but that’s not all. Live videos and streams are watched about three times longer compared to those that are not live. In 2020, streaming and live videos are no doubt going to be social media marketing musts.

Interactive Content to Dominate

Consumers are now considering interactive content. Audiences want more of  shoppable posts, polls, quizzes and other interactive content. As thus, it is only obvious that marketing strategies shift to focus in giving the audiences their preferences.

Interactive content will be a top social media marketing trend in 2021 if the impact of the shoppable ads on Instagram are anything to go by. For instance, a product ad on Instagram, when tapped by a user, pops the name and price of the item. If the user taps on the price, they are taken to the website where they can make a direct purchase of the item they have liked on Instagram.

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Social Media Stories Marketing to Take Off

Insta stories and Facebook stories have taken the digital space by storm. Now, there are also YouTube Reels and TikTok where users create short videos that are less polished but authentic. While stories disappear after a period of time, mostly 4 hours, they provide an awesome opportunity for marketers. Consumers rely on stories to search for local businesses. Some location searches have a story icon that permits users to view recent stories that used particular location stickers.

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