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Content Marketing Platforms in 2021

The world of marketing has undergone a technical revolution. Hence, marketers’ ability to serve content directly to audiences has increased vastly. Platforms that enable marketers to deliver targeted messages, buy media programmatically, and automate distribution have changed the marketing landscape dramatically. Therefore there is a need for Content Marketing Platform to enables marketing organizations to centralize and streamline their upstream marketing processes from beginning to end, including planning and briefing to collaboration and approvals. Below is a description of the best content marketing platforms in 2021

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

 SEMrush Content Marketing is one of the best platforms in 2021.It covers the complete content marketing workflow from ideation to creation, optimization and measurement. The platform aims to help an entire content marketing team to create and execute a data-informed content strategy based on their audience’s needs. 

It also allows you to compile a content plan with great SEO potential by finding popular topics, headlines and questions. It lets you manage an editorial calendar and marketing activities with your colleagues and track your progress in one place. 

In addition, the platform generates briefs featuring actionable optimization tips based on your competition in search results. A handy Google doc add-on ensures your content is SEO friendly and meets your audience’s expectations on the go.

You can as well automate your content audits based on your own criteria, combining data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush. The platform helps you to quickly analyse your guest posts or any content published on third-party websites. Finally, it lets you find content promotional and backlink opportunities based on mention analysis.


Hubspot, also proves to be one of the best platforms in 2021.It is an inbound marketing tool that offers both a marketing hub and a tool for sales and customer service management. The marketing hub helps marketers create quality content, while the sales hub lets you target customers and manage your contact lists professionally.

Its marketing hub on the other hand provides tools that allow you to blog, and guide you in SEO, email, social media, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics. You can either integrate the software into your current website, or build your entire website on HubSpot as it acts as a content management system (CMS) as well.

The sales platform generates leads and gets in touch with prospective customers. It has various helpful options like calls, emails, scheduling meetings, appointments and creating to-do lists and keeps track of emails and calls for future use. It has a full-funnel marketing system which helps marketers build, administer and distribute emails with the help of their marketing tools and applications.


This platform does everything a regular CMP does, but is also a freelance marketplace where you can get the best freelance writers and editors suited to your needs. It allows you to search for journalists, influencers and bloggers within a certain budget and lets you request pitch ideas for articles, as well as see pitches for articles from freelancers.

It’s a really easy way for agencies, marketers and brands to connect with content writers.

Freelancers on ClearVoice have to submit their level of experience and qualification which allows the site to recommend them to marketers according to their needs.

ClearVoice is a perfect fit for online media companies but is also used in sales and marketing. The CMP accommodates most files such as images, videos and text and lets you gather all your data necessary for a project in one place an organize it. It has a handy collaborative editing feature that allows team members to edit each other’s work in real-time. Its filter options allow you to manage several campaigns at the same time without getting your data mixed up. Track the progress of your assignments and automate features such as follow-up emails to your freelancers or team members.

Brand 24

Brand24 is also one of the most powerful online monitoring tools available today. Its feature set includes Mentions Feed, a place to track what people are saying about your brand online; Discussion Volume Chart, a graphical interpretation of discussions about your brand that could lead to positive or negative publicity; Alerts that show when there’s a spike in brand mentions, blog visits, or any other specific metric. Having access to this much information only makes sense if you can do more with it. Brand24 offers exports and filtering capabilities to help you dig deeper into data.

Uber Suggest

Content marketing and SEO are inseparable. For more of your content to rank high in search, it’s got to be competitive, designed to engage, and be optimized. Ubersuggest helps bridge the gap between great content and SEO. It comes with a collection of features that help you find top-performing competitive content, provides SEO-related metrics, and shows backlinks and keywords.

Ubersuggest also goes a step further. Unpacking what makes competitive content rank higher is great, but what about tracking your site? To help, it offers premium users the chance to measure how well their site is performing. Through extensive SEO reports, you’ll get to see what SEO errors your site has, how it’s tracking for visits, keyword ranking, and more.

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

In 2021, the digital marketing trends seem to be determined by general humanization (addressing real issues and tailoring content to suit the individual) and a much more mechanical and technical optimization (fine tuning behind the scenes areas like SEO and how one structure campaigns.) Any online marketing be it through email, blogging, social media and pay-per-click advertising is referred to as digital marketing. Below are three powerful digital marketing trends to take to heart as we begin the year 2021 as it will give you advantage over your competition.

  1. Visual Search for Video and Image SEO

We all know that by typing in keywords, one can search for videos and images. But did you know that you can use original photos and search for context or submit existing images for the search? Have no worries as this SEO digital marketing trend technique will be of great help to your brand. As more people discover such digital marketing search techniques it changes the SEO landscape generally.

One can apply the following basics when conducting video and image SEO campaign and want to make sure it is on tip-top shape:

  • Create an image sitemap that is dedicated.
  • Include alt text in the description of the image.
  • Use HD quality on the images.
  • On the name of your image be sure to include target SEO keywords.
  • If you are an e-commerce brand, get to know more about Google lens.

When one handles this SEO digital marketing techniques better, it can take traffic away from competitors when shoppers conduct image searches.

  • More Interactive Content

Interactive content is a digital marketing trend that improves users’ enjoyment and promotes more engagement. It has been a digital marketing trend for a while but now it’s recognized as best practice in digital marketing.

Interactive content such as contests, giveaways, surveys and polls always upgrades your user experience, increase the length of time the user engages with you and this helps your standing in algorithm based feeds and searches. This digital marketing trend allows users to feel more personal connection to the brand and have their opinion heard. Interactive content as a form of digital marketing trend is also used to collect information on user preferences such as on which improvements to make on the product or site of the brand.

  •   Old is Gold

If you’re yet to implement the many digital marketing trends then there’s more need now than ever before as not all of the best digital marketing trends are from 2021. Some ongoing digital marketing trends from last year include:

  • Voice Search SEO- try to alter your SEO strategy to incorporate speech keywords.
  • Posts that are Shoppable- Always make your social media posts to directly connect users to product checkout to maximize conversions by streamlining payment process.

For more digital marketing trends to watch out for this 2021 always make sure to keep checking my blog so as to be up-to-date on digital marketing trends yet to come.

Importance of videos in Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing

The use of social media marketing has greatly increased in the recent years, due to the high number of consumers it reaches and they are able to engage in conversations. Through social media marketing, most companies are can communicate with their consumers at a cheaper cost than most of the other marketing strategies. .The social media platforms that one can use for social marketing include; Twitter, instagram, Facebook, Link in, pinterest, tik tok etc.

Importance of Vides in social Marketing

A video is a great way of sharing and gaining information. It’s easier to capture more attention using a video than when one is tasked to read a lot of literature. A video also saves time as there is no typing and corrections to be done. Today over 5 Billion videos are watched daily on YouTube. This shows how much one needs to have a good marketing plan to stand out, it’s therefore important to maintain originality in content creation for great results.

Another importance of videos in social media marketing is because 95 % can be retained once viewed while only 10 % is retained after reading. In areas where one is making videos for non-profit e.g. Charity work, when people view it on video they are likely to take action. Age is another factor that needs to be considered in video social marketing. Most millennial and men can only be captured through videos because they spend 40 % of their time watching social media videos.

A video in social marketing also gives one an opportunity to tell a story before selling a product which helps to create emotional connection between the consumer and seller. Video marketing also helps different brands to show who they are and where they are headed, this helps the company to build trust with the viewers.

Use of Videos in social marketing also allows one to test different tones, styles and narrations with different audiences making it the most effective compared to other types of marketing. Videos can also be included in the company’s website to communicate what they do which helps to get the viewer’s attention, using videos in social marketing helps one to be competitive in the market. This allows continuous communication with the audience in their new updates and getting feedback. Videos tend to capture the attention of the audience and so end up spending more time on the company’s page.

Video Marketing on social media creates fun, attention and closeness between the seller and consumer and they are able to understand exactly what the products are. Once the seller builds trust through the video marketing, clients will be more consistent and act as ambassadors for the brand to other people. It’s very important to consider quality, honesty and transparency when creating this marketing videos. This helps one to remain a longer time in business and also maintain high competition with the other brands. One should avoid focusing only on profits but majorly on the future of the business.

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Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing

As a small business, the most important thing is looking for customers to buy your products and generate revenue. The companies need a strategy to increase customers and even if there are other departments in the companies. The marketing department is the most crucial at that time because marketing will increase the number of customers. There are many types of marketing, like networking, word of mouth, and digital marketing. Digital marketing is the most important as many people nowadays are found online, and having a digital marketing strategy is vital. This article will discuss what digital marketing is, the types, and why it is crucial.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing strategy carried out online using the internet and online-based technologies. It helps businesses sell their products and services to people online. There are various digital marketing types like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, pay per click, content marketing, email marketing, and inbound marketing. A business chooses the type of digital marketing depending on whether it is a B2B or B2C.

A small business should use digital marketing because it is cost-effective. You don’t require a lot of investment to implement your digital marketing strategy. It increases revenue because it gives more conversions compared to traditional methods. A business that uses social media marketing and email marketing generates more revenue than a company that does not use it.

 It also increases the business reputation. Digital marketing is not only advantageous to big companies but also small ones. If a small business becomes consistent with its digital marketing strategies, more people will know the company, which increases its reputation. The more people see the business online on many platforms, the more they will trust it and buy it.

Another reason why a small business should use digital marketing is that it helps target the right audience. It does this by targeting the specific audience that will be more attracted to your products and will most likely buy them. Also, it gives measurable results by using specific tools that measure the results of each digital marketing platform. The tools provide detailed results that help in making decisions and evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts.

All in all, digital marketing is beneficial to small businesses, even if it seems like it favors multinationals and big companies. A small business can still benefit, and by being consistent, it can have a broad audience, build a reputation, and get more customers. It increases revenue and is cost-effective by targeting a specific audience.


To make known the importance of digital marketing lets first understand its meaning. Well one can’t go to the swimming pool to swim without knowing how to, right? Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones, and other digital media platforms to promote products and services.

So what is the importance of digital marketing?


Good thing about the current generation is your products, whether from Kenya, India or New Zealand can reach a good amount of people. Imagine a situation where one would not have the literacy in computer, this would means one’s product would only be limited to one’s country. By global reach, one’s product is viewed by millions of people thus one’s profit margin would be at its highest once one has a good marketing flow. Digital marketing enables global reach easily and conveniently.


Whether you have paid someone to do digital marketing for one, one should be able to get the statistics daily, weekly or monthly. Comments from buyers or product viewers are also easily accessible thus one would know how to make their product either better or reachable. With this benefit, one can also know the most buyers from certain regions and which products have most traffic.


Just as the ability to track response, digital marketing gets customers to be loyal to products being sold. With different marketing strategies and also promotional products, customers can trust one’s brand easily. With one’s product being legitimate and have warranty with good customer service, this is an assurance of customers being loyal to marketed products.


Imagine a situation where you’d have to hire over 100 people who would market your products. Either by direct sales, referrals, print advertising and radio or television. These are both tedious and expensive. With digital marketing, all one needs is either one or two digital marketers, a laptop and a good ISP. Digital marketing enables pocket friendly type of marketing for business owners.

Before getting one’s product online, one needs a strategy for digital marketing; strategize in a way that one’s goals can be attained realistically. A realistic goal should improve conversion rate to increase lead generation and keep tabs on product statistics. Realistic goals mean a great start to a great digital marketing platform which in turn means great sales and loyal customers.

We can all agree that digital marketing is an efficient way to get products moving and sales increasing. At Fun Media we couldn’t agree more than a goal set at realistic terms would make a business earn more. Don’t forget to carry that laptop, carry that ISP, and get a comfortable area in your house and get marketing! That coffee might be handy too!

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Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting By Fbrand Hosting

Fbrand Hosting offers the cheapest web hosting services in Kenya. The Fbrand Hosting also boasts of offering the safest and most secure websites in Kenya. When you host your website with the Fbrand Hosting company, you are sure of a FREE SSL. The SSL renews automatically thus ensuring that your website is fully secure.

Fetaures Of Fbrand Hosting Cheap Web Hosting

Fbrand offers a variety of features in their cheap web hosting. First, they offer a 10 GB storage for only Ksh 1499 which is paid annually. There are no hidden fees is seen with other web hosting firms that hike their prices at renewal. Fbrand Web Hosting is true to their word.

Secondly, Fbrand Hosting offers either 2GB RAM or 4GB depending on the package that you choose in their cheap web hosting package. Usually, one would be limited on the bandwidth that they are allowed by their hosting company thus affecting their Search Engine Optimization. Fbrand Hostings boasts of unlimited bandwidth. Their uptime is always 99.9%.

Unlimited Emails

Cheap web hosting package by Fbrand Hosting also ensures that one has unlimited emails. The unlimited emails are accompanied by unlimited Sub Domains as well as unlimited FTP Accounts. An FTP account is a resource used for managing as well as uploading files on a website. The FTP account is usually created automatically in the cPanel when one signs up for hosting. This, therefore, means that when you have a cPanel, then by default you have an FTP account.

The cheap web hosting package by Fbrand Hosting also has a Control Panel. There are certain web hosting firms that do not offer the cPanel to its users. This always limits the functionality of a particular website. Coupled with the cPanel, you also get to host different types of files including python. Cheap web hosting also supports Node.js. The node.js is a platform which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Node. Js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. The model makes it lightweight and very efficient for data-intensive real-time applications which run across distributed devices.

Payment Integrations

Lastly, Fbrand Hosting promises you free Mpesa and other payment integrations. The team at Fbrand Hosting will offer you seamless integrations which will ease your work of accepting payments on your e-commerce platform. The payment integration is done free of charge provided you have either a hosting package with them. These features make Fbrand Hosting one of the cheapest Web Hosting Companies in Kenya.


Fun Media is the best search engine optimization company in Kenya. We help with your online visibility. This is achieved by making changes to the website designs and content to make the client’s site look more attractive to the search engine

Why use Fun Media as your Search Engine Optimization company

Fun Media as a search engine company is an essential part of marketing strategy to most of the businesses. The company provides you with the information you need in your everyday life. for example, it gives you information on the brands of products that are available in the market. Moreover, Fun Media as a search engine optimization company is an inbound marketing strategy such that it enables the customers to find their client whenever they need ensures that the information only reaches the target audience.

Fun Media is also capable of helping your ranking in search engine result hence, helping you achieve your most important company goal. For example, increasing your leads and sales.

Fun media company also offers a close rate of almost 15% for new leads that means that you can improve your lead conversion by 13%.

In addition Fun Media company boosts your credibility. It does so by filtering the search result and eliminating spammy websites and also emphasizes that your web page answers user’s query. Another way that Fun Media boost your credibility is by optimizing your google my business listing. This listing appear in both your local and specific searches hence providing user’s with details about your company.

Fun Media drives high quality traffic to your company. This is because the audience get to see your website on the search results and also make sure that you reach your audience at the prime time therefore you have their full attention.

Measurable Success

Fun Media also measures your success with real numbers. Fun Media is critical the impact of your investment whether it is marketing or advertising. With the help of google analytic together with other web analytic tools it easier to asses the performance of fun media strategies.

Fun Media company promote your company all day, every day. Depending on your business Fun Media company, It may offer 24/7 service. It also reinforces digital marketing ability to connect with the users on their terms.  It ensure that you only reach the users when they need you hence enhancing the value of your website as you only provide answer to their problem.

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